'X Factor' Finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar Is a Teen 'Possessed' (VIDEO)


Carly Rose Sonenclar on 'The X Factor'

I'm pretty much speechless. There's talented, and then there's super talented. THEN there's how the hell do you even exist on this planet ... talented. That, my friends, is 13-year-old Carly Rose Sonenclar. The teenager from Westchester, New York has made it to the top 12 on The X Factor and, show after show, literally continues to blow my mind. With the voice of someone twice her age, the pint-sized brunette has belted her heart out to Bruno Mars on last week's episode, and last night she stepped on stage to perform Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On."

Warning: The performance you're about to watch will give you chills. Oh, and for the record -- Britney Spears once called this girl "possessed." Shall we?

My favorite part of this whole thing is when Simon goes to clarify how old Carly really is, she says 13, and he says, "You're not a human being" followed by, "You can't do that at 13." HA! Sorry Simon, she just did, and man, she did it well.

Being on a show like this is an experience for anyone at any age, but for a young woman Carly's age, it has gotta be absolutely unbelievable. Whether or not she does win (which HELLO ... did you just watch what I watched?!), this girl is going to be a megastar and has such a bright future ahead of her. Her bubbly, modest personality makes her likable and her voice, well, it's literally nothing like I've ever heard before.

What do you think of Carly? Can you imagine your 13-year-old performing like this?


Image via The X Factor

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UKFan136 UKFan136

I love her & Jennel Garcia! :) 

nonmember avatar Sarah

She is freaky talented. Hopefully show business won't ruin her. She's such a sweetie.

nonmember avatar Phil

She is going to have a huge career whether she wins X-factor or not. I hope she does a duet with Jackie Evancho. What a pair!!!!

daisyb daisyb

Amazing Little Lady:)

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