20 Things I Want My Daughter to Know Before She Grows Up

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Because they don't always stay this little
Most of the time you're just swimming along in that ol' river of life, and then blam-o, it hits you. Your child does something, and you realize they are growing up literally right in front of you. These are the moments that make me feel a little desperate, like I need to sit down and write myself a list of everything I want to teach my daughter before she grows up.

Because time moves fast enough when they're little, but when they hit the teen years, it's like a freight train, I've started jotting them down already. It's a list of things she should have under her belt by the time she leaves the teen years (at the very latest). These are things she needs to know because she's a girl and things she needs to know because she's growing up in today's world.

1. There are boys after high school. Just look at your father. (I know you still think I'm being gross. You probably always will.)

2. Corn chips are not a vegetable. For that matter, neither is corn. I don't care what your father says.

3. Don't burn your bridges. You never know which potential employer is going to find out about that summer you spent stocking grocery store shelves and want to know how you did.

4. Speaking of, there's no shame in stocking grocery store shelves or flipping burgers if it helps pay your bills.

5. Always pay your bills.

6. All you need to remember to use a screwdriver is "righty tighty, lefty loosey." Don't forget it.

7. If someone tells you such and such is a great way to get high, tell them your Mama called you Mopey not Dopey. Whether they'll understand depends on how badly the drugs have already addled their brains. Be the one whose brain can still figure it out.

8. If you're thinking about buying something you really want but don't necessarily need, make yourself wait a few weeks. This is how I prevented myself from getting that perm I thought I needed (for why this is such a bad idea, feel free to look through my old yearbooks).

9. You might not be best friends with your high school best friend in a few years. That will make you cry. But someone else will help you dry your tears. If not, I will.

10. Always say thank you.

11. The top speed on the odometer indicates how fast the car can go, not how fast it should go.

12. Adopting a pet means taking care of them for as long as they live (aka I don't want another cat when your RA figures out you've been hiding him in your dorm room).

13. It's only hair.

14. Exercise your right to vote.

15. You don't have to change your own oil, but you should get it done every 3,000 miles.

16. It's never worth the pain of that hangover.

17. The guy isn't worth the hangover either.

18. The world will expect you to be both beautiful and smart because you're a girl. Don't worry, you've got them both covered. But when in doubt, smart always wins.

19. The perfect pair of shoes and the perfect pair of jeans exist. You'll know when you find them; just buy several pairs.

20. Your father and I will ALWAYS love you. No exceptions. No conditions. 

Hey, it's a start, right? Please tell me I have plenty of time to add to it. Please!?

What would you add if you had a list of things your daughter needs to know before she grows up?


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hello... hellokd87

That is very beautiful!! I would like to add to the list:

21. Think about whether or not that boy is worth more than your friendship.

I learned that one when my (former) BFF used to argue with me over guys she liked. In that case, neitherwere worth it. But most of the time, friends come first.

nonmember avatar Tst

It's right-tighty, lefty loosey....as in loose, not tight.

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

Aw, love this, Jeanne!

nonmember avatar mm

Great list!

I would add:

Buy it this month, try to pay it off this month. Leave the debt for degrees, houses, and cars.

Love yourself before loving another.

Judy Lee Thurber

Credit is for people who can afford to pay cash. Patience pays huge dividends.

Panda86 Panda86

I think above ^ said one of the most important things "love yourself before loving another"

Also, Beauty is only skin deep.. be beautiful on the inside and it will shine through.

Karin... KarinJune

I told my daughters - NEVER date a guy with a big truck or a fancy car. He will always love it more than he loves you.

Marlena Ledwick

aww thats great. makes me want to mak a list.

nonmember avatar Pete

Men value little what costs them little.

Chari... Charizma77

These are great. I especially love #13 :)

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