Madonna's Son Rocco Joins Her On Stage While Daughter Lourdes Rocks in the Audience (VIDEO)

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Last night, I got to see Madonna live at Madison Square Garden. But I didn't just get to see her live, my friends, oh no. I got to see her live from the very first row. It was Madonna, bodyguards, and then me. This happened through a quirk of luck when my friend won tickets to a contest she didn't even realize she'd entered. (Long story.) We got to stand in the "Golden Triangle" right below the stage -- along with other (ahem) luminaries like Perez Hilton, Kelly Osbourne, Madonna's longtime manager, Guy Oseary, and Madonna's daughter, Lourdes.

Madonna's concert was a spectacle for sure. I'd never seen her live before, but had a good idea what to expect -- lots of flash, lots of dancing, lots of performance. And she delivered. I don't want to be ageist, but this woman is amazing for any age, let alone 54. Holy crikey, can she move! She's also an underrated vocalist. No Beyonce, and definitely a lot of pre-recorded stuff going on, but she did sing live, and sometimes a capella, and she was good.

Her show was also a family affair. Twelve-year-old Rocco has been dancing on stage with the tour and 16-year-old daughter Lourdes was dancing behind us in the pit. She seemed to be having a great time, very proud of her mom. Madonna's show is a tad on the risque side -- at one point, during a strip routine, she joked, "If you're going to look up my ass crack, you have to give me some cash." And her show is strewn with four-letter words. But, look, these kids have been around their mom for a long time. Obviously they know what to expect.

Here's some video I took. The first is of Rocco dancing with mom. The second is Lourdes (she comes in at 0:22) pumping her fists in the air and dancing. It sort of looks like she mouths, "Love you, Mom!" but I could be reading into things.


Image via Blondewriter99/YouTube

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pinkm... pinkmadge

Yes, she's awesome.  Seen every tour she's ever had, including this one here in L.A.  Thanks for this article.  (PS it's the Golden Triangle).  :)

Ruben Diaz

She's doing a great job raising those kids <3

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