Mom Padlocks Daughter to Bed for Talking to a Boy


padlockNo matter how many horrible stories I hear, I'm always stunned by some people's capacity to hurt their own children. The latest? A Phoenix, Arizona mom was sentenced to probation for locking up her daughter for talking to a boy. Talking to a boy?! What??

Nineteen-year-old Aiya Altameemi was beaten and padlocked her to a bed for chatting with a guy friend, which is apparently against the values her family was trying to instill. What's more shocking though is how many people took part in this crime.

The trouble began when Aiya was seen leaving school with a male peer and was confronted by her father Mohammed Altameemi and 18-year-old sister Tabarak. They took her home where she was repeatedly hit by her father. Her sister and mother Yusra Farhan then tied her to the bed with a rope that was secured with a padlock.

I know this isn't the first parent of a teen who has thought about locking them in their room as some sort of punishment. Adolescents can be moody, petulant, defiant, and the list goes on and on. But thinking about it is one thing. Actually jailing your kid is crazy, especially for natural, age-appropriate, social behavior. Farhan said Aiya was punished so harshly because she "was speaking to a male subject and her Iraq culture states a female is not allowed to be having contact with males because females are not allowed to have boyfriends," according to court papers.

Honestly, I can't believe they didn't get jail time. But in exchange for a guilty plea, her parents and sister were sentenced to two years of probation. Is this really enough time for holding an innocent person hostage? And what happens the next time she wants to do what every other teen her age does? I shudder to think.

Do you think this sentence was too lenient?


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NatAndCo NatAndCo

Apparently the padlock is more shocking to you than the beating?

doodl... doodlebut

Sadly in that community it isn't shocking. Disgusting, yes, but not shocking.

navyw... navywife0204

ugh.... that's messed up.  I will never understand a culture that allows women to be beaten and treated like they are nothing more than cattle.

Frida266 Frida266

Child abuse and they should have been thrown in jail like an other child abusers.

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