'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Gets Parenting Help -- So What?

Chelsea HouskaThere's a lot of criticism thrown at the girls on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, but when you look at many of the parents of these new mothers, it's no surprise their kids are struggling. Plenty of the reality stars are trying to turn into adults with little to no support from their parents. But South Dakota's Chelsea Houska and her uber-supportive parents Randy and Mary are the rare exception. The two are divorced but they've been there for their teen daughter and her little girl, Aubree, every step of the way.

And when Chelsea sat down with The Stir to talk about the third season of Teen Mom 2, she had plenty to say about what parents should and shouldn't do if their teen ends up pregnant. And Chelsea had her fair share of words for people who have criticized dad Randy for spoiling her.

Chelsea on why she isn't being "spoiled" by her dad:

The thing I hear most is that I'm like this spoiled brat or that I get everything handed to me. One, I don't think I'm a brat. I don't think I've ever really come off as a brat. I don't know why people say that.

And I think people thought that because in the first season of Teen Mom, I was 18, and my dad was helping me. But a lot of times when people don't have kids, and they're going off to college, their parents help them.

Not everyone has that, and a lot of people do. I was lucky enough to have that. I mean, I'm on my own now. My dad helps me if I need it, which I rarely do.

He's just a dad.

On how her parents are involved in her life now:

I think my parents are great. The support system I honestly think is a big deal.

If my parents had kicked me out and stuff like that ... that doesn't help a child when they have a child young. It's already scary and stressful!

My parents are great. They supported me and gave me good advice, and they love me so much that I want Aubree to feel that love from me.

On how her life is different from some of her Teen Mom 2 castmates: 

I feel like there are stereotypes when it comes to teen pregnancy. Like, it's going to be the girl that was, like, I don't know the word to use, this sounds awful, but trash. Trashy girls or whatever.

But anyone, anyone can get pregnant when they're young, whoever's having sex. It doesn't matter if you have a rich family or a poor family.

Some people, I've got tweets being like, "Why are you on Teen Mom, you have everything, blah, blah, blah." But really, I still was a teen mom. It happens to everyone. I think it's good that MTV shows that. It's not just one group of people that's getting pregnant at a young age.

Do you think Chelsea's parents are spoiling her or just being good parents?


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mybab... mybabybugssmile

She may not be a brat, but how is having your Dad pay FOR everything not SPOILED???

nonmember avatar Christie

@mybabybugssmile .... How is having a parent help you if they can afford to "spoiling" I hate that word. I grew up with parents that were comfortable, they were in no way rich but we weren't hurting for anything either, and it was really annoying to be called spoiled by people who weren't as lucky. As Chelsea already said, most kids who are 17 - 19 are still being supported by their parents as they are typically attending college and not yet self-sufficient. Her father owns his own dental practice and can afford to help her, what's wrong with that? I swear if these girls breath wrong someone is jumping down their backs, they make the best of the cards they were delt (Amber and Jenelle excluded) and deserve a little respect from people. They make this show and most of them do apperances to help lower the rate of teen pregnancy and make teens more aware of birth control options and the consequences of ignoring those options..... how dare them do this, let's all critize their every move (oops my sarcasm is showing)

nonmember avatar Sonja

I agree with Christie. I think it is great that her parents are there for her. My 2 sons are out on their own & I still help them all I can. They get the same help that Chelsea's parents give her.

Tashinha Tashinha

I like Chelsea, but id have more respect for her if she paid for everything on her own, and did everything for herself and Aubree, like Kailyn does for her an Isaac. its HARD yes. i believe it. but her dad should of said yeah ill help you, but you need to get a job. ID LOVE for my parents to be paying my rent, and even if they could afford it, they still wouldnt. because they want me to grow and learn on my own.

nonmember avatar Sara

Actually she DID get a job and has repayed her dad back, although he clearly doesnt need the money and she couldve use it. ..she still wrote him a check. But why not let her dad help her out, my dad would do ANYTHING to help me no matter whats in his bank account. And shes right, most peiple are still being helped by parents at her age. Just ib a different way. Hes not only helping chelsea, hes helping aubree.. Atleast aubree isnt stuck at some daycare with bratty kids learning bad things. Btw, I know 26 yr olds still at HOME.

Jackie Blain

She may be completely spoiled! but i can't blame her parents.. I LOVE my babies and if i can afford to spoil them like that when they are grown I will! I LOVE Chelsea's parents! i think they are both super sweet and supportive :)

Amy Lynn

You know.. her parents help her, I personally don't see that as a bad thing. I know other people disagree with me, but still. There are so many teen parents who DO get help from someone in their family and then try to play it off as if they do everything themselves. I think it's okay for Chelsea's parents to help her - you know why? Because she acknowledges how much they help her AND she appreciates it. 

In my opinion - I think Chelsea's dad helping out for however long, is a MUCH better option than sticking Aubree in a daycare for however many hours a day and barely seeing her mother. Chelsea is one of the few teen moms from the show that actually is a GOOD mom, and I think it shows in little Aubree. Regardless of Chelsea & Adam's issues, Aubree is always very well taken care of and happy.

Also - lets give Chelsea props where she deserves it - she hasn't gotten pregnant again. And she's also not leaving Aubree all of the time to go out and party like most other teen parents. I think she's slowly getting her life together, and I think that she's a good mom. 

nonmember avatar gennifer

Personally I dont care what they call it im proud she has such a good support system but alot of what she is crying about is the struggles of being a parent. I AM a statistic of teen pregnancy I left home at 16 and never have returned I currently have 4 children ive done what I could the best I could. I wish her the best of luck yet dont show the sides of dad or mom helping or even the parts where adam is involved negatively and bad words cant be spoken

Brittany Rash

I feel like Chelsea parents are making it ok for! Like for real i was a teen mom.. granted i wasnt 16 i was 19.. But Chelsea had a house she didnt pay for and didnt work! her parents were teaching her nothing but how to be lazy!! Yes she is a good mom i think from what i see on TV but Her parents made it to easy for her to be lazy by paying her bills and everything they needed!just my opinion!! my other opinion! if you dont wanna be stereotyped then act your age and not your daughters.. thats what makes you seem as a brat

nonmember avatar Heather

I think chelsea is tha best m0m 0n there except 4 when she always cryn 0ver adam i mean yea its sad 0ur babydaddys r n0t in 0ur childs life as much as we want them t0 be but suck it up if he dnt want yu then he dnt want yu! I als0 think its wr0ng h0w she yells and gets smart wit her dad 0ver adam when her dad has bn there an n0t left her side but adam has if i was her dad i w0uld st0p getn her everything an tell her since she takn adams side 24/7 then get him t0 d0 4 yu and see h0w far yu get wit that sweetie

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