Facebook Helps Keep Grandparents In the Family Loop

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grandmaBeing friends with grandma on Facebook isn't uncool anymore. In fact, nearly 80 percent of teens surveyed recently said they were helping their parents and grandparents get on Facebook and other social networks so that they could get connected.

It's a refreshing trend and using Facebook to keep families connected it a great idea, and teens helping grandparents set up accounts on social networks -- and showing them how to use them -- can bridge the generation gap and help grandparents and teens stay connected. They get to spend time together during the initial setup, and then they can post, tweet or comment to each other no matter where they are.

Teens understand how important technology is for their futures. Nearly one in five said they think hope to work in tech industry someday, and one in 10 said they've already programmed a computer. (Impressive!) Imagine what they'll be working on by the time they get to college!

What's cool is that teens are now taking technology that could be used to throw up walls between them and their parents and grandparents, and using it as a way to share their lives instead.

I stay connected with aunts and cousins on Facebook, and get to see photos of my nieces when my sister posts them, and it definitely helps create a feeling of closeness -- of being involved in their lives even if we can't be physically present. It's great that teens are reaching out to their grandparents to try and bond, and using social networks to do more than Tweet about whether there's a surprise ending to Breaking Dawn 2.

Has your teen helped Grandma or Grandpa set up a Facebook page? 


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marabie marabie

I miss the.old FB.. I refuse.to be friends with randoms co workers and relatives if I share I don't want drama so I kee it private and small.

mompam mompam

I actually made my son drop his grandmother as a friend. Every time he wrote something a little teenagerish, she would call me and ask me to ask him to take it down. I had enough. I signed in as him and deleted her. She hasn't noticed yet.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I have family and friends on there

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