Girl Tries to Sell Little Brother on Craigslist for $1,200 (VIDEO)

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craigslist brotherFull disclosure: My first thought when I heard about the teenage girl who tried to sell her 12-year-old brother on Craigslist was NOT "Oh, what a horrible mother those children must have!" Nope, it was more along the lines of "Oh, that poor mother!" Because I can totally see my daughter trying to sell my son through an online clasisified ad, just like this big sister in Alabama.

(Although I do think my daughter would try get more than $1,200 for her brother.)

The ad, titled "Joyfull Little boy -- $1200," has been deleted, but it read like this:

"12-year-old joyfull little boy (real) needing a good home, and caring people to be around."

Hey, at least she was considerate enough to ask for a "good home" and "caring people." Seriously! The whole sibling rivalry thing can get outrageously ugly -- an aspect of parenting I was completely unprepared to deal with, having grown up as an only child. Can't we all just get along? I implore my children on a daily basis. I would've killed for a brother or sister when I was a kid! My kids roll their eyes. "You were so lucky," my daughter always says.

I find this particular story especially relevant because it involves a big sister and little brother, which is what we have at my house -- the Linus/Lucy dynamic, I call it. Shudder.

Anyway, this Lucy got lucky, because even though authorities did find out about the ad (thanks to some poor horrified soul who found it while scouring the web for antiques), they didn't charge her with anything. Instead, they gave her a "stern lecture."

That's probably all the punishment she needed, anyway. Because she'll likely end up regretting this crime for the rest of her life -- her brother will NEVER let her live it down.

What's your craziest sibling rivalry story?

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

If Craigslist were around when I was younger, I probably would have tried to do the same thing.

1stpr... 1stpreggers

lol I would have done that !

Momto... MomtoDavid

i'm sorry i laughed when i first read the title. me and my brother are 16 years apart so I didn't really get the 'joys' of being a big sister. But I think that if he was like 5 years younger than me instead of 16, i would have probably done the same lol.

nonmember avatar Lucy

My two kids are two years apart and best friends. My daughter's 14 and my son is 12, but they still hang out together. People have asked if they are boyfriend and girlfriend before, and my daughter finds it quite amusing.

Lana Jefferys

Given that teenager's tend to have weird sense of humor, she probably thought it was a hilarious joke.

Tanya Frey

HAHA, that reminds me of a song by the Olsen twins when they were kids  "Brother for sale! Only 50 cents, Brother for sale! He's not a big expense."

Tina Goff

I'm surprised, in this day and age where no one can take a joke, that they didn't arrest her for human trafficking or something.

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