Teens Who Bullied Felicia Garcia To Death for Having Sex Should Be Punished

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crime tapeWhere is the justice for Felicia Garcia? The 15-year-old Staten Island girl was tormented and bullied to the point where she jumped in front of a commuter train, killing herself. She had reportedly been distraught after having group sex with some football players at her high school, and then found out it was videotaped, and the video was being shared at her school.

If this sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because Felicia’s circumstances sound tragically familiar to those of Tyler Clementi, the Rutgers University student who had sex with a man, was briefly spied on by his roommate, Dharun Ravi, and another friend, and who then leapt to his death from a bridge after Dharun joked about Tyler’s sexual encounter on Twitter.

In Tyler’s case, LGBT groups went wild demanding that Ravi pay for his bullying ways. In fact, Ravi was arrested, stood trial, and was found guilty on many counts. And Felicia’s powerful allies? Crickets.

Reportedly, the four teens who were bullying Felicia, calling her a “slut,” have been interviewed by detectives but no charges are pending.

Two of the teens involved in the bullying have reportedly been “briefly” suspended from their school, but listen to what a source had to say to say to The Staten Island Advance:

These kids used poor judgment, and they did something they’re going to have to live with for the rest of their lives.

These kids?? Poor judgment?? Quite a difference from the opprobrium – not to mention the criminal charges — heaped on Dharun Ravi. And why is that? Because gay rights groups got involved in the Tyler Clementi case and, so far as I can tell, women’s rights groups are turning a blind eye here. Yet both victims were being bullied for their sexuality. In fact, if there was a video of Felicia being spread around her school – her case is much worse than Tyler’s.

If rumors are true and Felicia did have sex with football players, she was unfortunately looking for attention, acceptance, and love in all the wrong places. Felicia is an orphan who had been shuttled between various foster homes. She was no doubt lost and seeking emotional fulfillment. Like many young girls, she quickly realized that her sexuality was one way of getting that – at least for a moment.

Then these vicious, hideous asswipes took her vulnerability and trust turned it around on her, and punished her for it. I wish that Felicia had had the ability to see that these boys didn’t hate her – they hate themselves. But like most teens, she could only see what she was dealing with every day.

Where is the justice for Felicia?

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jessi... jessicasmom1

why does it have to be this way .. No bully act  should be implemented in schools everywhere  and people should be able to see the warning signs .. please make this awarness for others

nonmember avatar kay

I think bullying is always a horrible thing and has become sooooo MUCH MORE vicious than we ever could have imagined when we were children. With that said, its clear that this girl was suffering from at the very least, emotional issues and some certain behaviors might have shown a caring, attentive adult that this girl was in trouble long before the bullying over the sexual incident started. I would argue that this unfortunate and beautiful young soul was already on the edge causing her to make a poor decision. Unfortunately, she was too fragile to handle the repercussions.

nonmember avatar KWelch

OK. I am sure my ass will get handed to me for saying this...BUT WHAT THE HELL? Foster kid or not, bad childhood or not, this girl knew what she was getting into. The article stated group sex, not gang rape. So she made the choice to participate. And in this day and age, when AREN'T people taking pictures of EVERYTHING. What is happening to her is not bullying. It is a reaction from her peers and her community to her behavior. She could have explored her sexuality privately, but she chose to explore it in a room full of males. If you want your choices to be private, then don't act on them in a public way. And when you engage in a behavior in public, people can, will, and do comment. Employers may see that, future boyfriends may find out about it. And everyone over 12 in this age knows at the very least that AIDS exists and can kill you. So where is the burden of responsibility on the girl?

EmmaL... EmmaLovesAlan

I can completely understand her desire for group sex. I wouldn't do it with men, but I've had it with girls and I was in my early teens at the time (I'm bisexual). Thing is, group sex or not, you need to be able to trust the people you have sex with. Group sex is something our (sadly puritanical) society tends to frown upon, and of course people would mock the girl for participating in it. She should have foreseen it. Nevertheless, women's rights activists should do something about it. As a woman, she had a right to explore her sexuality and she did nothing illegal or wrong, yet she was punished for her choice severely. It's obvious the bullying is the reason for her suicide, so why not take legal actions against the bullies? Like I said, I am a bisexual woman. I am a part of the LGBT community but how unfair is it that we are the only ones who need to be protected and stood up for?

P.S.: KWelch, how do you know she had unprotected sex? Group sex doesn't immediately mean AIDS. Unprotected sex, in any form, means there's a risk of getting AIDS. You can have sex with 100 people and not get AIDS if you use protection. In the same logic, you can have sex with 1 person and get AIDS if you don't.

P.S.: Why does she have to be vulnerable and in need of care, love and affection? Are women unable of just being kinky?  

Elizabeth Gronewald

I didn't realize group sex automatically equated to VIDEOTAPED sex. She was not informed that her actions were being recorded. If all the parties involved were minors, that would qualify the tape as child pornography. It does not matter how many males she had sex with. She was not informed that their activities were being recorded and she did not deserve to have the private act of sex between her and the other parties exposed to the other peers who did not participate. Slut-shaming makes people look ugly and smug. I am not saying that group sex would have been necessarily the choice I would have chosen for exploring sexuality at a young age, but multiple sexual partners do not grant others the right to mock and shame someone.


Elizabeth Gronewald

She did not choose to act on her sexual desires in a PUBLIC way. She chose to act on her curiousity with a select amount of members. She was not informed of the recording of such acts. It was illegal to both tape and distribute said tape considering the age of the parties in the tape. It was also cruel. How would you feel if you dared to explore something that everyone felt was taboo and did so with trust in the other people involved only to discover that your curiosity was videotaped and put on public view? KWelch, how does it feel to be on your moral horse? I bet you have never done anything against social norms and I bet you have never felt shame, you perfect person. You have always made the right choices and have never been confused or curious or ashamed for anything you have ever felt. Isn't that right? What those kids did was wrong. They distributed child pornography and abused a young girl's trust. They shamed her and mocked her and that negates any misguided attempts she might have committed to exploring herself. She and every other person still finding themselves deserves better than that from others. I deserve better than this slut-shaming society that objectifies women and decries women at the same time. It is a shame that the rest of the world is like this as well.

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