Dean Battles Students in Dance-Off & Wows With His Sick Moves (VIDEO)

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dean dance offThere's nothing quite like a good dance-off to get you on your feet and cheering. So let's give up some cheers for the dean at Whitney Young High School in Chicago (First Lady Michelle Obama's alma mater!) who spotted a group of kids dancing and busted out an Irish jig for the occasion.

Video of John Fanning getting down with his students has gone viral. Here's hoping other educators are taking notice. These are the kind of people we need teaching our kids. Check this dancing dean out:


Now isn't that the kind of guy you'd want working with your child? When asked why he decided to dance, Fanning said:

I had two options. I could get upset and try to shoo them and yell. Or I could join in, and I thought it was a better way to diffuse the situation.

Point taken! We have come to a point in America where every kid's every action is met with this hard-nosed zero tolerance approach. Now imagine if you took that tack at home with everything your kid did. Think you'd have a good relationship with your child? Or any relationship for that matter?

We need more people in our schools like John Fanning, people willing to treat our kids like kids, people willing to have a little fun with our kids. What education seems to be lacking these days is the human approach to children, and that's exactly what John Fanning gave here. That's why this video has gone viral, at least in my humble mom opinion over here.

What do you think of the dean jumping in and getting down?


Image via CNN/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Coop

LOVE it!

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

That was awesome!

Gigan... GigantaursMommy

That was really great! Honestly what were those kids hurting by dancing around a little? I couldn't even see it being reasonable for them to punish the kids for having some harmless fun.

Amanda Ferguson

That was awesome! I graduated 11 years ago and people weren't nearly as hardass as they are now. I remember that one year a bunch of our teachers chipped in to get another teacher an Elvis impersonator for her birthday. He performed right in the middle of the lunchroom. Stuff like that happened all the time and it was great for morale.

mamam... mamamika7227

LOVED IT!!!! Wow! If more educators took that approach every once in a while, I'm sure half of the kids wouldn't mind coming to school and would stay out of trouble.

Christine Kerollis Dare

I dance wi my students at every dance I chaperone and when they play music in between classes in the hallway! I tell my kids that life is about finding the fun in what you are doing!

Jaime Swift Sundin

I didnt know dancing was illegal guess it is. On another note that guys moves were awesome.

aom1112 aom1112

The principal at my foster kids school is like this to a degree. He knows all the kids by name. Greets them almost every morning. The kids love him.. but when it comes to education he seems to be a bit clueless. Just trying to get an IEP for a couple of kids has proven futile. Been trying for one for over a year!! I know IEP's cost the schools a lot of money, but these kids NEED them. They are not getting the help they need.. and being in the system, with all they have gone through, if they dont get that help NOW by the time they reach adult hood it will be too late. 

Cowbo... CowboysAngel02

Man that was AWESOME!! I would love for my kids to have faculty like that at their school! It would make it way more fun!

Heidi Ayn Harden

OMG I still have tears in my eyes from laughing...THIS IS GREAT!!!

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