Dean Battles Students in Dance-Off & Wows With His Sick Moves (VIDEO)

dean dance offThere's nothing quite like a good dance-off to get you on your feet and cheering. So let's give up some cheers for the dean at Whitney Young High School in Chicago (First Lady Michelle Obama's alma mater!) who spotted a group of kids dancing and busted out an Irish jig for the occasion.

Video of John Fanning getting down with his students has gone viral. Here's hoping other educators are taking notice. These are the kind of people we need teaching our kids. Check this dancing dean out:



Now isn't that the kind of guy you'd want working with your child? When asked why he decided to dance, Fanning said:

I had two options. I could get upset and try to shoo them and yell. Or I could join in, and I thought it was a better way to diffuse the situation.

Point taken! We have come to a point in America where every kid's every action is met with this hard-nosed zero tolerance approach. Now imagine if you took that tack at home with everything your kid did. Think you'd have a good relationship with your child? Or any relationship for that matter?

We need more people in our schools like John Fanning, people willing to treat our kids like kids, people willing to have a little fun with our kids. What education seems to be lacking these days is the human approach to children, and that's exactly what John Fanning gave here. That's why this video has gone viral, at least in my humble mom opinion over here.

What do you think of the dean jumping in and getting down?


Image via CNN/YouTube

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