Parents Humiliate Daughter With Embarrassing Facebook Photos

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parents punish teen facebookUsed to be that when teens messed up, they were grounded from calling friends on the phone or going out to the movies on a Friday night. Nowadays, though, it seems like many offenses are punishable by ... Facebook. And we're not just talkin' keeping your kid off the social network for a set number of days or weeks. Plenty of parents have taken to disciplining their teens by publicly humiliating them via Facebook.

The latest example of this to make headlines: After their teen apparently "got fresh," a Wisconsin mom and dad used their daughter's phone to post goofy (aka embarrassing) photos of themselves on her Facebook wall. Then, the girl's brother, a Reddit user named AustinMac, posted one of the photos over the weekend with the caption: "My parents took away my sister's phone for the week. They've uploaded about 10 of these to her Facebook. Doing it right!" Ha.

What these parents did sounds like the playful, silly version of what Tommy Jordan, dad of 15-year-old Hannah, did when he punished his daughter for posting a hateful message about her parents on Facebook by shooting her laptop in a YouTube video. Remember that? That was insane. But in both cases, obviously the parents' intent was to mortify their daughter and teach her a lesson -- or else suffer the very public consequences.

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Not sure if in either case it was really the best way for the parent(s) to set their teen straight. The goofy Facebook-ing parents surely got a rise out of their daughter, but is it really going to prevent her from saying something "fresh" again? Pffft, likely NOT. After their stunt, how much you wanna bet she's talking "fresh" about them behind their backs to her friends right now? And regardless of how she reacted and if he stopped her from posting hateful status updates about her folks on Facebook, Tommy Jordan went too far when he took a gun to his daughter's laptop.

In the end, funny or not, I'm not sure either form of public humiliation was completely necessary. At any rate, neither seems as though it would be nearly as effective as an "old-school" way of handling bad behavior: Temporarily revoking their access to social media to reiterate that using it is a privilege to be respected and used respectfully.

Would you discipline your kid by publicly humiliating them via social media?

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puasa... puasaurusrex

I think this kind of humiliation is fine. It's the kind parents do just to do because it's hilarious to see teenagers mortified of something they can't control like genetics.

nonmember avatar Kristi

I view this the same way I do the "old school" going to school with your kid in a robe slippers and rollers. Sometimes the only way to get through to kids is a little embarassment, they need to be taken down a peg or two. Don't like it? Don't do it to your kid

MomLi... MomLily67

Now she's going to really hate them!! unless she is smart and takes it lightly. I honestly don't think using social media to correct kids is  appropiate.

nonmember avatar April

I think it's HILARIOUS. And I have threatened to do similar things to my daughter. She is not old enough for facebook yet (much to her dismay) however when she says something rude, and when called on it comes back with "That was NOT rude and disrespectful" I offer to post the remark to see what other people say about it. She usually ends up apologizing and we move on.

Jaime Swift Sundin

UM i really highly doubt any child hates their kid for something as minor as this and if the KID does hate their parents after this then they need some mental health evaulations and have their self esteem checked.

nonmember avatar Reen

Are you kidding me? This is genius! People want to bad mouth other parents' ways of dicipline but the fact is it's not your business what they do unless it's harmful to the child. This? This is smart. If the child learns right (and they better hope they do) then they will no longer suffer from humiliation. It's a lesson same as spanking. You do something bad, you get punished in one way or another. ;)

nonmember avatar Tara

I doubt if it will be effective, I think having the child do extra things to help the parents (extra chores, loss of privileges, plus a talk about how to speak appropriately to her parents) will be heard by her better than this, it's not that bad of a thing, they just made themselves look silly, not like they posted embarrassing pics of their daughter.

nonmember avatar Kat

Um if you've ever been a teenage girl you and had that happen, you aren't going to be doing it again in the near future because you're friends will be laughing at your for years to come. Duh! Go Parents!

Jessica Price

Honestly, yes I think this is perfectly fine. Children these days are not the same as when our parents where children, or even when we were children. Taking away their phones and computers and gadgets do not have the same affect as they used to(taking our toys and Pokemon cards.) They don't care about all that, their friends at school will surely have one for them to use during the day, and all is well in their world. How ever, they are OBSESSED with their image, their swag, the way others see them(Thanks Media). Damaging that is kind of one of the only few ways of getting your point across to kids these days anymore. I personally don't see anything wrong with a little embarrassment, to make your kids understand they did something wrong. As for Tommy Jordan, and the people going crazy over how that's to far and not fair to the child... I see it this way. His daughter did not pay for the laptop, he did, it was his laptop to destroy. And it was what got his point across, have any of you seen the follow up story on the news websites? She hasn't made the same mistake again and does her chores no questions asked. She has a NEW laptop, and her life is not destroyed. I say GO DUDE! And yes, I do have a child, before the "cant know until your in the position comments come along"

Alisa Jenkins

Honestly, I see nothing wrong with it, but The kid still needs to have a real punishment. No, I would not do this myself, why? because my kids can humiliate themselves just fine online!!!

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