Parents Sue School That Suspended Son for Having Sex on Field Trip

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school busWhen I heard that parents were suing a school district after their teenage son got caught having sex on a school trip, I figured I knew what was going on. These parents were upset that chaperones allowed their child to knock boots, right? Wrong! They're just mad that their kid got suspended for having sex on a school trip.

In fact, Anders Hemdal and his parents are so mad that they think the Schuylkill Valley School District should fork over $75,000 in damages for all his pain and suffering. Ah yes, parenting in 2012. Ain't it disturbing?

Their 16-year-old and his girlfriend were in Morocco on a trip with their Spanish club when another student videotaped them having sex. That student is now facing criminal charges -- and rightly so. He was suspended, and so were Anders and his girlfriend.

Which sounds fair to me.

I'm not going to sit here with my fingers in my ears singing la, la, la while people insist on going over the facts about teens and sex. I get it. It happens.

But when I send my kid out of the house, I expect her to be on her very best behavior. I don't care if she's going to a friend's house or hopping the bus for a field trip. I want her to listen to the other adults in charge and keep her nose clean.

I always thought that was parenting.  You teach your kid to behave.

But now here we have the Hemdals whose kid screws up, and they decide that doesn't matter. They want to sue to get him money to reward him for it!

The sad thing is the Hemdals might even win this case. The rules for the trip said the kids would be sent home for misbehaving; not suspended. And the school's conduct code traditionally applies to on-campus activities, not something that happened clear across an ocean. The technicalities here could help them in court.

But they've already failed big time as parents.

What do you think of these parents and their lawsuit? Right on target or big fat parenting fail?


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worki... workingmama86

big time parenting fail. I can't believe some parents these days... 

dirti... dirtiekittie

who on earth are these parents that think they are their kid's friend first and parent second (or third, fourth, fifth... seems to fall down the line here)? you better believe if it were my kid that got busted on such a trip, he'd be more afraid of me than school suspension!

Sarah Burgess

Um, as a former year-long exchange student, I know that you can sue and win in these cases. The ultimate responsiblity for underage kids lays with guardians, which one abroad, lays on the adult in charge. In no way should this have occured unless group guardian was so stupid to have let kids of different gender go into the same room. They basically punished kids for their own negligence and I hope both parties are held responsible.

nonmember avatar Kitten

Sarah....the parents are not suing because the guardians dropped the ball and let their kid get his freak on!!! They are suing the school for punishing him for it! They could sue for lack of supervision sure and that would even make some sense....but that's not what they are doing! They are suing the school for holding the kid responsible for his actions. And 16 yrs old that punk kid knows he shouldn't be shagging his GF on a field trip!

nonmember avatar LRich

big eye roll here... what happened to the days when people including teens where responsible for their actions and the consequences of their actions. The kids deserve suspension if not expulsion.

Tammy Thomas-Gaudreault

cases like these are the reason the court system is so backed up for no good reason. disgusting! that court time could be used for catching real criminals.

sofia... sofia0587

And parents like these are why kids are the way they are and why we have so many pregnant teens!

Sheila Blankenship

people will do anything for a dollar these days...

Angela Hickok

I am against wrongful lawsuit through and through. Yes, these teens should be punished for their actions. In addition, the adults in charge should be held partly responsible as well. The possibility of a pregnancy occurring can make this situation even worse for the adults in charge. Where were they when this was all happening? All should be carefully scrutinized before a punishment is rendered.

No parent should be able to sue a school district for rendering a punishment if within reason. Now, if the adults were school staff, and were not punished as well, then yes, I would say that the school was trying to make an example out of these students (and should at least be reprimanded for not administering punishment fairly across the individuals involved). The end result can cause one to feel humiliated, not to mention the possible leak of the video they recorded. The parents are feeling that backlash, as they should, in order to straighten out their own kids actions, and get them to prove they are responsible enough to even leave the house! The parents should be thanking the school for taking disciplinary action! The ones who ignore it are the ones that end up with bigger problems later!

mrsrobin mrsrobin

The future of our country will have no idea how to be responsible for their own actions. F'ed up.

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