'Teen Mom' Star Has a Secret Child

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Jenelle Evans Kieffer DelpReady for another Teen Mom shocker? Of course you are ... or at least you expect to be shocked by these kids these days, don't you? Jenelle Evans is one of the best at making our jaws drop, but this time it's her on-again/off-again boyfriend Kieffer Delp who has left us floored.

Did you know Jenelle isn't the only teen parent in that relationship? Turns out ol' Reefer has a child of his own. A son to be exact.

Jenelle dropped that little tidbit on -- where else? -- Twitter this week, after someone criticized her parenting skills (or lack thereof). When someone mentioned the fact that Kieffer has a relationship with his mom, and his mom -- unlike Jenelle's -- hasn't had to take custody of his child, the Teen Mom star suggested people ask Kieffer about his own child. Kieffer's response was at once a confirmation that it's true and a warning that she needed to stop talking. All he would say?

Im not talking about my son on twitter

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Well, good for him! At least his parents did one thing right in raising this kid! Then again ... do we really want to be slapping Kieffer's parents on the back?

Once upon a time it was normal for teen parents to have kids and then move on, to pretend like it never happened. Especially teen boys.

But this is 2012. If Kieffer has a child -- and it certainly sounds like he does -- that child needs to be a priority in his life. And as much as we don't like to admit it, teen parents still need parental guidance. That's why teen parenting is such a problem in the first place ... they're still just kids.

We don't know much about his dad, but Kieffer's mom is currently embroiled in a Jenelle sex tape scandal. And she's raised a child who has no problem sharing his affection for weed with the world, but never once mentioned that he has an actual child. Not to mention Kieffer has been arrested how many times now?

Now we add in the fact that her teenage son was dating a girl and hanging out with her child while his own son was where exactly? This sounds like another colossal parenting failure from the Teen Mom crew ... doesn't it?

What do you think is really going on with Kieffer's son?


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nonmember avatar Michael Smith

I read the title and thought maybe it was coming out that McKinzie Douthit, Teen Mom 3, had finally admitted that this wasn't her first pregnancy. She lost one baby during a high-risk pregnancy due to her being a diabetic.

Amaris Estrada

yeah is mom really raised him right. he is breaking into house and using drugs living on the streets.. yeah what a perfect role model for his son.... PATHETIC!!!

Kat Brassfield

I called this one a long time ago....Something told me that he had something he was hiding and I kinda figured it was a youngin somewhere

nonmember avatar alyssa

I hate teen mom two .. the first one was good ..this is a sad escuse for a human .... I got pregnant when I was 16 and I'm doing just fine!! My mom don't even babysit i dont ask tho... pathetic bother of them

nonmember avatar Tinka

It's extremely easy to have kids. Some people REALLY shouldn't have them, and this "kid(s) should be a priority in their life" still doesn't bite. If you can't take care of yourself, you can't take care of a kid, and some people don't even want to, no matter how hard you tell them they should. Just take the kids away and let them be taken care of by someone who actually is capable of doing so.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Kiefer isn't on the show becuz HE got preg at 16. He is on it becuz he dated Jenelle WHILE she was on the show. His past isn't an issue for the show. And, we can see that he isn't a responsible father becuz he does drugs and has been jailed. A good parent stays out of trouble in order to take care of their child. These 2 need to stay away from each other forever and go to rehab for 90 days.

Sara Olander Jackson

Jeanne - I REALLY wish you'd stop writing. For this website, anyway. Your writing skills are more suited for a publication like the Enquirer. I've just read 2 articles on this site, both written by you. The first was about a mother abandoning her 19 year old daughter (disabled) in bar, in which you wholeheartedly agreed with the mother's decision. Now this.

You wrote, "Once upon a time it was normal for teen parents to have kids and then move on, to pretend like it never happened. Especially teen boys."

WTF? When was that EVER normal behavior? Stop trying to be all sensationalized and shockingbanging head into wall, and just write articles that at least have a tiny bit of basis in fact.

candy... candyw210

Who cares!

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