Students See Naked Photos of Teacher & Get Kicked Out of School

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iPadJust when you thought school rules couldn't get any more bizarre, a high school in Anderson, Indiana (home of Amber Portwood!), has served up quite a wacky tale. Students found photos of their naked teacher on a school iPad. So what did administrators do? They suspended the kids for looking!


I mean, um, wait a second! When did we start punishing kids for something the teacher did wrong?

Maybe my question should be when did they stop, huh? This is a particularly odd incident -- after all, how many teachers do you know who have topless photos of themselves lying around -- but it's far from the first time a kid has gotten in trouble for a teacher's mistake.

According to parents of the kids who were suspended from Highland Middle School, the boys were playing a game on the school's iPad during class. One boy pressed a button that brought up photos of their teacher's partially bare chest. Being teenage boys, they all ogled.

Only now they're in trouble. The district says the teacher, who apparently synced her iPhone with the iPad on accident, was punished but is still on staff. What they won't tell the media, however, is why the kids are losing instructional time for their teacher's screw up.

It sounds an awful lot like the old "well, we're the adults, and we said so" defense. We see it used a lot. Remember the kid who was forced to sit in isolation because of her dyed hair? Only it turned out the school had written such a vague policy that it didn't have a leg to stand on? The administrators essentially punished her for finding the loophole in their rules.

In this case, we have a school district that employs a teacher so dumb she lets her topless photos end up on an iPad that 13-year-old boys are playing with, and the 13-year-olds found it. The kids made the school look bad by finding it, so what's a school to do?

Has your kid ever been punished for something the school did wrong? What did you do?


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nonmember avatar Tst

I went into this article thinking the teacher should be strung up and the boys did nothing that all teenage boys don't do. I figured teacher had misused school property or was trying to be a creep and then I read she accidentally synced her iPhone to and iPad and it all made sense. That teacher had very right to have naked private photos on her phone and if you're as technologically inept as me, it's a very very honest mistake. I seriously still have figured all the syncing stuff out and get freaked out all the time because something personal is on another device!!! I don't know that the boys should have been suspended, but I truly believe this was a humiliating mistake for that poor teacher!

nonmember avatar Jessi

This is completely asinine. Why was the teacher not punished, I mean in the very least she should have been suspended without pay. Accidents happen but why punish innocent bystanders for those accidents?

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Jessi, you might want to read the article again - the teacher was punished...

I suspect that the boys may have said or done something inappropriate after seeing the picture. 

nonmember avatar Liz

I would like to know more details. If the boys truly did nothing but see the picture, than I think punishing them is ridiculous. If they behaved inappropriately after viewing the picture, however, then maybe they deserved to be punished.

Caera Caera

"I mean, um, wait a second! When did we start punishing kids for something the teacher did wrong?"

Um...when they stole property that belonged or was assigned to someone else.

Duh. Idiot.

work4... work4mickey


Nowhere is is stated that they stole the ipad. It appears that they were playing a game on it WITH PERMISSION. While I understand it was an accident on the teachers part, so maybe her discipline should be minimal, I can't understand (from this or the linked article) what the boys supposedly did wrong.

work4... work4mickey

I wasn't clear, I meant that discipline should be minimal for the teacher, and that I don't understand what the boys were disciplined for.

Caera Caera


If they were given permission to play a game, then what were they doing looking at pictures? They attempted to steal information by opening other files.

Stealing is stealing. It doesn't matter if it's the physical apparatus or the data files.

work4... work4mickey

Really Caera?

I accidentally open the wrong apps on my phone all the frikin time. The boy claim they opened the file on accident. If we're going to give the teacher the benifit of the doubt, we have to give it to the boys. Otherwise you, and the school, are advocating a double standard. Besides, the teacher has more accountabilty because she is the one in a possition of authority.

nonmember avatar kathy

ACS: Highland teacher photos are not topless or pornographic

Here is the text of the press release:

On Monday, October 15, 2012, there was an event at Highland Middle School in which students viewed a picture of a teacher on the teacher’s school-owned IPad.

While Federal and State law prohibit the School Corporation from disclosing precise information as to the identities and any actions the School Corporation undertook in connection with students and personnel, the School Corporation feels a need to clarify, as best the School Corporation legally can, the events. The School Corporation feels a need since there has been numerous versions of what occurred on Monday.

A teacher gave certain students access to a school-owned IPad, which had been assigned to her, for a precise purpose of working within two (2) different applications. The students explored the IPad and went to unauthorized applications, one of which was IPhotos. Unbeknownst to the teacher, a picture which was on the teacher’s personal cellphone had been stored in ICloud and therefore streamed to her school-owned IPad. That picture was not a topless picture, not a nude picture, nor any pornographic material. The Anderson Police Department has investigated the issue and concluded that the picture was not pornographic and there was no criminal behavior. IPads are new for teachers this year and were provided for enhanced delivery of instruction.

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