Mom Poses as Her Daughter for 'Date' & Nabs Facebook Pervert in the Act

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laptop facebookSo, there you are, perusing your kid's Facebook page like a responsible parent, and blam-O! There's some 20-year-old college student named Freddie Love who wants to be friends with your 12-year-old daughter. What do you do? Shut down her page? Or do you pose as your daughter, right down to a wig and hoodie, and catch the perv on the prowl

You get where this is going, don't you? A mother in Texas actually did it! She posed as her own daughter to catch a predator! She may just be my new hero ... and yours. Especially when you hear who "Freddie Love" turned out to be!

According to cops in Texas, who are keeping the mom anonymous, likely to protect her and her daughter, this badass mama pretended to be her 12-year-old as she engaged in an online conversation with the older guy.

Hold up a second. I need to comment on this part. I think as a mom, your first inclination is to just get rid of the problem. You click "unfriend" or "deny" or whatever, you have a long talk with your kid, and that's the end of it. There's actually nothing wrong with that!

But this mom stands out because she didn't let it end there. She pushed forward.

She wanted to suss out whether he'd accidentally friended a child -- because, you know, it happens -- but when the guy didn't withdraw even after she made it clear that she was 12 and that her mom wasn't around, she agreed to a face-to-face meeting. Only the mom called the cops first and told them all about the adult who was asking a little girl for oral sex. Then she dressed up like her kid and went on a "date" with the creep, with the cops watching the whole time so they could step in.

Turns out they ended up nabbing a middle school teacher at the meeting, not the 20-year-old college student he'd claimed to be online. In other words, this mom likely protected classrooms full of kids, not just her own daughter from this creep. See what I mean about being a hero?

I don't know if I would have thought to take it that far, or if I would have had the chutzpah to dress up like a 12-year-old to meet a predator, but my hat is off to this woman. It takes moms like her to protect the whole global village of kids!

What do you think of this mom? Has she inspired you to go check out your kid's Facebook profile tonight?


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Karma Grant

Great job mom! Now get your kid off facebook. Yes I know lots of kids have accounts but even facebook has a minimum age requirement of 13. 

Sarah UsedtobeZech Cone

This mom is my hero! I don't know if I would've been able to refrain myself from beating the living shit out of him on first sight though....well, I'm sure the police being there would've dissuaded me...maybe.

nonmember avatar Mae

Good on her for helping protect children! But.....if you're an idiot parent who gives/allows your underage child (even on FB you're supposed to be 13, not 12) to be on social media, and by extension, you are allowing creeps, molesters, and other ne'er-do-wells into your child's private, personal life, and SHAME ON YOU. Children do not, repeat DO NOT, have to do everything "everyone else is doing" and no, their life won't be over because you've grown a pair and said the dreaded "no" word to them and not allowed them to expose themselves or personal info on social media sites. Believe me, they will live and they will be ok, and will actually relate to actual human beings better by not having their noses stuck in a computer or what-have-you all day.

2cent... 2centsCDN

Wow, this mom went above and beyond, good for her! Does anyone else see the irony that most people won't let their 12 yearolds walk to school but its fine for them to be on facebook??

Dana DiCci Mashlonik

My son is only 9months old, but i dont care what kids will be doing in ten years, if i dont think he needs to be doing it i am going to do my best to prevent him from doing so. What in the heck do kids that young need a facebook for anyway?!?

Amber Jo

Great job mom, and i don't think her having a facebook is a big issue since well her mom monitors it obviously. She probably has it to play games or keep in touch with friends like everyone else. I think the mom did great..

tuffy... tuffymama

Facebook is horrible but I'm glad it worked out that this perv was caught.

Devio... Devious333

I'd do the same. I'm small so I'd pass as a 12 year old anyway.

wamom223 wamom223

Okay I don't want to go undercover but I do want to throw her a parade.  How we have a parade without giving away her identity I don't know but I feel like we should do something big.  It makes me so sick that there are teachers out there that do this and we need to catch them.  The most shocking thing about that 'To Catch a Predotor'  show were the teachers, you know after the guy that brought his kid with him, and the guy that had his sister drive him there with her kids.  This is why I think parents should monitor there children's face book page.  The Internet is not anonymous so you should know what your kid is putting out there for all to see.  Good job Momma!!

Brenda Gomez-Kingston

I did not allow my niece who I am raising on FB till she turned 15 and I am her friend. I pay attention to everyone she is friends with. I would not allow a 12 year old access, but everyone is different. She at least is checking in to see what is going on. I applaud her for that. And I applaud her for taking one more pervert off the streets.

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