Relentless Bullying of Amanda Todd Even After Her Suicide Shows Extreme Evil She Was Up Against (VIDEO)

Amanda ToddIf you have any question about how cruel people can be, you need look no further than the heartbreaking case of Amanda Todd. Last week the 15-year-old committed suicide after being relentlessly attacked by bullies. Sadly, even her extreme  attempt to put a final end to the bullying hasn't stopped the malicious, vile behavior as bullies continue to target her memorial pages with their evil comments.

It's almost impossible to believe that anyone could be that heartless, but proof is right there on online memorial pages set up in her honor. While most of the comments are positive and uplifting, the ugly ones are beyond horrific. CTV reports that one came from a female, who identified herself as one of Todd's classmates: "I'm so happy she's dead now."

According to The Star, another shows an image of a female body hanging dead with a caption that reads: "Todding".  Others said she deserved whatever she got as in seventh grade someone posted a topless picture of her, which was also posted on the sites. The National Post reports that someone else wrote, "I hope they sell Clorox in Hell," referring to a suicide attempt Todd had made in the past using bleach.

Anyone who thinks bullying is just kids being kids may want to rethink that after reading these comments. How does anyone sleep at night after doing something like that?

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It's not known if those posting such horrific things on her memorial pages are the same ones that bullied her during her life. Either way it's disturbing -- either there are more sick, twisted people out there, or her tormentors simply have no conscience, no soul. Sadly, it's probably both.

This is a girl who had been bullied so maliciously during her short life that five weeks before her death she took to YouTube and posted a video titled, "My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm," expressing the agony she'd been through since someone leaked that photo of her in which she'd made a mistake. The brutal attacks and severe effects on her life since that time were overwhelming, but she seemed to be overcoming them.

In the end it seems she couldn't, and seeing how relentless the bullying is even in the wake of her death, perhaps gives us an even greater glimpse of the extreme level of hate she was up against

Police have gotten involved, and as many as 25 full-time investigators are reportedly working on the case. More than 400 tips have poured in after police set up an email account ( to try and determine who may be involved. Sergeant Peter Thiessen told The Star:

We are looking at what transpired in regards to Amanda, what transpired on social media, what transpired face to face, who may have had contact with her in that regard, and whether there’s evidence to support any sort of criminal charge to any person or persons who may have had an impact in the type of decision Amanda made.

I hope they track down any and all of these malicious individuals and both expose them publicly and make them pay for their actions so that others might not suffer a similar fate. R.I.P., Amanda.

Can you believe anyone could be so heartless? What do you think drives people to act like this?


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teddy... teddysmama09

Being the mother of a little girl, this story hit me hard. I put myself in the place of her parents and thought how powerless they must feel; how they must suffer with their guilt (because as parents we internalize everything our children suuffer.)  I found myself thinking, "how can I make sure this never happens to my daughter," and ultimately I realized, I can't. I can raise my daughter to be confident and secure and not feel the need to flash her breasts for the attention of some guy on the internet, I could homeschool, I could follow her around for the rest of her life and never let her out of my sight, but none of these things are a guerentee that she will escape bullying. Bullies are everywhere and the kids being picked on come in every shape and size, socio economic background and every colour. All I can do is my best and just be there for my daughter, and pray every day that she will have the strength to endure whatever comes her way. My heart goes out to this poor poor family and I hope these demons who did this are found and  brought to justice.

megle... meglennox

Yes, i believe it. :( why? Lack of a soul? Who knows. I hope she's at peace now and i hope her story will change lives.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

 All I know is teachers KNOW it's going on but don't really recognize it as bullying. It's not just "teasing" or "name-calling". It's bullying, harrassment, and abuse.

Now I'm in college, but I started being bullied in the 6th grade for being smart. It continued throughout high school, and it got worse. By the time I was junior in high school, it turned into things being thrown at me at sexual harassment. I had teachers even partcipate in the relentless teasing. I went to my guidance counsler and was told there was nothing she could do. It ruined my self-esteem!

amazz... amazzonia

They should locked up in jail for committing omicide those kids! Disgusting! They killed her, she didn't kill her self....not only the kids, the parents of those kids, how can you grow such a heartless person??? So sad

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

I was bullied very hard. Sometimes you can not see the light of day.
Imagine deep hole with no way to possibly ever get out of it. Now imagine its raining hard the hole is very very slowly filling with water. You will drown but it will take weeks to. Its how you feel every second of every day.

Its like every word cuts part of you and your bleeding and no one will help you.

I know people did care about her but when feel that low you can not see it.Just saying you care is not enough she needed to be heard. She was crying for help and felt like no one was listening to her at all.

The more they knew it bothered her the more fun they had tormenting her. I know its hard to believe but to them its fun.

Bullying is such a broad term anymore. All I know its it torture to the one its happening to.

Carly Rau

i wish i could tell this girl it gets better after highschool, that after your NOT stuck in a building with all kinds of people raging with hormones, peer pressure and the lame social hierchy of highschool, thats its a weight off your chest. i survived brutal bullying, and i have come out stronger. i have a supportive family, a handful of loyal friends, a great guy and an awesome daughter. things look up after school. this girl will never know that now. things get better.

kelti... kelticmom

I just looked at some of those comments on the RIP Amanda Todd page, and I wish I hadn't. It made me sick. "My friends and I drive by the cemetery and laugh" "this is the best death ever" "truth hurts. what's next?A rip page for Hitler?" Disgusting. I DARE anyone to say that verbal bullying is not that big a deal and that kids should just "let it roll of their backs".

Hyman Hyman

Wow. I'm sick to my stomach now.

This terrifies me for my own little child.

issia... issianemmi

SO sad. Why didn't anyone befriend this girl, who had sat alone, who had a really miserable time with her peers. I hope they find the guy who started it and he gets to be known, and judged and sent to prison. He killed her.

Barbara Gelber Watkins

My heart aches for this  girl and I hope she found some peace.. I was teased in school it might have been bullying I just dont know, i delt with it but its different now and I  worry with three girls of my own cause girls can be very mean. I wouldnt want to be a teen now.. Kids are horrible and its just getting worse and there seems to be no end to it.. Or a reason why kids are getting so much meaner and heartless to hear that people are still commenting after the girl took her life I hope karma gives them a huge kick in the ass and I hope they find some of these kids that did this too her and I think they should be charged and thrown in jail for being nothing more than scum

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