Boy Is Attacked By Bullies in Front of News Crew ... Just as He's About to Be Interviewed About Bullying

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sad boyPreston Deener, 15, decided to take a stand against his bullies at school -- and he was suspended for it. This week a local TV station went to his school to interview him and while  the news crew was setting up, 3 bullies attacked him in front of the reporter, Katie Kyros, and crew. Despite Kyros’ pleas for them to leave the boy alone, the bullies continued.

What the fuck is going on in the world?

We punish victims for sticking up for themselves and the bullies are so bold that they attack in broad daylight in front of news crews. Are we raising a generation of bullies who they think they are above reproach? Are they really so brazen to attack in plain sight with no repercussions?

It's no wonder we have incidents like Columbine, and our children are committing suicide to escape their bullies. They feel there is nowhere to turn for help. The only way to escape the wrath of these little monsters is to kill themselves. We leave good kids with nowhere to turn for help until they have hit their limit and go over the edge.

We should be ashamed as parents, teachers, and authority figures that we are letting the mean kids get away with this. We can talk about anti-bullying until we are blue in the face but until we bring the hammer down on these cretins, we are putting all of our children in harm's way. If the bullies don’t prey on our children directly, maybe our children will be caught in the crossfire of a victim who has lost his last shred of hope and decides to take out as many mean people as he can -- or maybe our child will be emotionally devastated by the loss of a friend who just couldn't take the taunting and abuse any longer. Any way you figure it, bullies affect us all. The ripples of their action will be felt for years to come.

What do you think we should do to effectively stop bullying?

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Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

What the hell is wrong with the authority figures at this school?? THEY need to be held liable just as much as the bullies. I would sue the pants off the district for punishing MY kid for bringing attention to it. As for the little bastards that are continually being allowed to physically/emtionally/verbally abuse kids repeatedly, I hope they get what they deserve!!. And their parents too for not raising a decent human being. Let them move to where my kids go to will stop REAL quick!

sofia... sofia0587

It's no wonder school shooting occur and kids commit suicide these little bully fuckers push kids to a point they can't mentally and physically handle, those kids should be expelled and sent to juvi or some kind of year long boot camp

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Stop treating some of these instances as "bullying" and call them what they are, assault and harassment, and treat them as crimes.

MamaD... MamaDee83

What. The. F**k. The parents of those children (in most cases) should be ASHAMED. Send those little deviants to some sort of rehabilitation so that they don't turn into criminals and rapists in the future!

Nolanzo Nolanzo

NatandCo.... my sentiments exactly. You wouldn't get away with this in the adult workplace for a minute without being terminated... it NEEDS to become felony harrassment and menacing. Criminal mischief. Whatever. Throw the little fuckers in jail for starters.

megle... meglennox

the law needs to brought in for these bullies.  and the victims shouldn't be getting in trouble for sticking up for themselves.  this is just so sad :(

Lilyp... Lilypad523

Mommto3 I couldn't agree more. The authority figures need to be held just as responsible. As someone who works in the school system, I'll be the first to admit that too many schools have an "If I didn't see it/hear it it didn't happen" policy. My school included. It disgusts me. And if the bullies in this article are ruthless enough to do this in front of a camera crew what else are they capable of? They need to be charged with harassment, battery, etc. It's time we force kids to take responsibility.

ViviMo ViviMo

I would sue the district and the bullies parents. I would show up at the school and handle it myself. They need a big yelling and they need consequenses. They grow up that way because their parents didn't teach them empathy. Cops do need to be called. For the kids and the parents.

timon95 timon95

wow! that is just wrong! the law needs to start stepping in more with these bullies. how many more kids need to beat or killed by bullies before something gets done.

Venae Venae

Alternative school so they can beat the hell out of their own kind.

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