7 Lies We Tell Our Teens (The Truth Is Out!)

mad sisters"Really, Mom?!"We lie to our teens for the same reason we lie to our toddlers: Tantrum prevention. Both teens and toddlers are equally insistent upon getting their way, and if there's a chance they won't -- look out! Unfortunately, both toddlers and teens lack the same basic understanding of how the world works, just on different levels: A toddler doesn't understand why he can't fly like Superman if he's wearing a cape; a teen doesn't understand why she can't skip school if she has a big giant pimple on the end of her nose.

So to save our time, sanity, and money -- we parents tell lies. Occasionally. Especially these lies ...

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Aunt_... Aunt_ning

Well, while I didn't wait till I was married for sex (still not married at 27) I was 21 before I had sex. I was also 21 before I had my first drink other than the occasinal sip of my dads wine. I didn't go to parties where underage people drank, let alone smoked pot. I still walk out to this day if I smell it or hear of it.   I became an aunt at 13 (my sis was 23) and I never did (still rarely do) things that I didnt want Jason to do.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I can't imagine lying about any of those things. I have honestly never done pot, I did drink when I was underage and I will be honest about the consequences of that, and I have no issue with my kids having sex outside of marriage so long as it is as safe as possible and under the right circumstances. Teens can tell when you're lying, most of them aren't idiots.

Amyp66 Amyp66

I have never lied to my children about any of those things.  If anything, my experiences allow me to share why drinking, sex outside marriage, etc is wrong.  I can't think of a right circumstance for a teen to have sex.....

fleur... fleurdelys3110

If you tell these lies, they will only come back to bite you, no one else. Teens know when you're lying. Ultimately, they're going to do what they want anyway, so you may as well use the mistakes you made to at least TRY and teach them something.

Rosas... RosasMummy

Not all of these things are even mistakes! Growing up and life in general is about experiencing and learning from it, every kid is gna do at least some of this stuff, telling ur kids u didn't is going tO make them lie to u about it because it'll reinforce there egocentric beliefs that u don't understand them and their lives.

Jenalee Rodriquez

I stopped at the boobs one. NOT all guys care for enormous boobs, and if in the back of your mind you think that, then you have some serious self-esteem issues. Have fun passing that on to your daughter. :|

Bunny Lee DuChemin Wilson

I do not lie to my kids. They have to know I am human and learn from my mistakes.

nonmember avatar Kaye

Really, really? I don't intend to lie to my child about things like that. I'll be honest about sex before marriage, and any kind of "party" issues. It's a learning tool, and I like to think I'm not that much of a hypocrite. Besides, I take a more "realistic" approach towards the sex issue. I'm not going to expect her to wait until marriage, considering that may never happen. Not to mention, teenagers are aware enough to know when you lie about this crap. I did when my dad tried to pull anything.. I'd just say "bull", and he'd tell me the truth. They may not have the best judgement, but that doesn't mean they're dumb enough to believe all that. The only thing I slightly agree on, is the father thing. You shouldn't get your children involved in your marital issues. I intend to tell my child that we "weren't compatible". Technically, it's not a lie. There's no reason to load "he/she was cheating on me" issues to a child. Save that for when they're adults, and ask again.

Tina Goff

I don't think teens are that stupid.  They're just pretending to believe you to make you feel better.

ClemF... ClemFamily

I will be honest with our boys when they are older...I used to drink but no longer do. I did it and moved on. By telling them the truth they know the true consequences. Yes I had sex before marriage and wish I would have waited so that will be a lesson for my boys.

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