Lourdes Leon Finally Fires Madonna as Her Mom

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Lourdes Leon MadonnaOh to be a fly on the wall in Madonna's house right now! Word has it her 16-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon has had just about enough of living with the one and only Madonna. The rumors are that she wants to move in with her papa Carlos Leon.

Can you blame her? She's a 16-year-old girl who wants to get away from her mother. Oh yeah, and that mother is MADONNA.

The tabloids claim Madonna is too strict on Lourdes, and the 16-year-old wants out of the spotlight. In other words? She doesn't want to be "Madonna's daughter" anymore. She has a point ... Madonna may just be the world's most embarrassing mama, especially for a teenager. Let's look at the evidence, shall we?

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1. Madonna was a cougar before the word cougar was even invented. The ages of her boy toys dip so low that it won't be long before Lourdes would be able to date them herself. In fact, let's do the math. She's 16. French dancer (and Madonna's latest man) Brahim Zaibat is 24. That's eight years, folks ... eight measly years. And we're not even going to start on the public hand jobs ...

2. Madonna likes to flash her fans. Remember that boob shot she gave the crowd earlier this year during a performance of "Human Nature"? Imagine being the teenage girl who has to compete with her mom's chest ... exactly. Moms can still be sexy, but there is a limit!

3. Madonna can't keep her trap shut about Lady Gaga. Is there anything more embarrassing for a teenager than a parent who is loudly protesting whatever is hot among teens these days? Think about how the Gore kids felt when Tipper was demanding parental advisory stickers on albums. Now imagine how Lourdes must feel when her friends want to know why her mom has such a problem with Gaga.

4. Madonna still thinks she's as cool as she was back in the day. Have you seen her "Turn Up the Radio" video? It's more or less Madonna's version of digging around in the closet for the acid washed jeans and scrunchies from high school and wearing them out in public. At some point every parent has to acknowledge that 20 years ago people had really bad taste and move on -- for their own sakes, if not their kids'. Madge hasn't gotten there yet.

5. Madonna wears squeaky leather (pleather?) catsuits in public. Seriously, this is worse than mom jeans, people!

With all this, can you really blame Lourdes for wanting to move in with her dad? Would you want Madonna as your mom? 


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Shandi80 Shandi80

Poor kid. I'd want a divorce from my mom too I were her.

poppy... poppymuffin

I don't blame her-- how embarrassing. Some women just can't seem to age gracefully.

Nj Eirojnkcin

If she wants out because Madonna is embarassing then, yes.. totally agree! However, the blogger stated that Madonna is TOO strict which is a common reason for teens to want to move in with the other parent and that's not right. I have a stepdaughter and we are extremely strict parents (IMO you have to be now-a-days) and she always wants to flee to her mom's rule free home when she's in trouble. I'd hate to have Madonna as a mom because her behavior makes me feel embarassed for her couldn't imagine being the child involved. If Madonna is really strict then I can only imagine that she's been full boot camp on Lourdes since all of her public mistakes (i.e., smoking). Hard to tell but she's 16 only 2 more years til she's free one way or another.

jessi... jessicasmom1

that would be embarrasing as a teen to be around a mom like that not only a artist but you know Madonnas style

Kelly Walters

I read an interview where Madonna said she did not want her daughter in show business. She'd rather her go to medical school or get a PHD in basket weaving, basically. Refreshing if you compare her to Will Smith. Lourdes also goes to some academically stringent schools...I just bet Madonna makes her toe the line grade wise and good for her. I bet Lourdes thinks dad would be more lenient.

rccol... rccola1945

 I could care less. one way or the other.

sterl... sterling21

I think all teen girls go through this, its typical, both mom and dad need to tell her tough luck and be thankful your mom loves you enough to want to be involved in her life. My mom was very strict and could be very ahem... "eccentric", but I would not have survived my teens without her devotion and determination to me, I regret every time I gave her hard time, she was right about pretty much everything and thank goodness she was always there for me. Who cares if Madonna flashes some boob! Good grief, Ronald Reagan had his colonscopy televisied and his kids still lived him!!!

Karen Saucedo

Can I just say this?  "I could care less" means just that.  You care enough so that caring less is still possible.  The correct phrase is "I COULDN'T care less".  I know....anal....but people always get this wrong and it's so damned basic!  Ok....I'm done.
Oh....and Madonna.....the sad thing is she had/has so much money and success and fame and yet instead of enjoying these mature years where she should relax and travel and find new paths, she's suffering because the younger generation is at her heels.  That's a shame.  I think it speaks to the lack of overall security of self with some of these former stars.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Some mothers in the spotlight don't want competition from their daughters, hence the statement that she doesn't want Lourdes in show business.  Madonna is a narcissist, and that's how narcissist mothers are.  Run, Lourdes.

femal... femaleMIKE

I think Kelly Walter may be more accurate.  I get the feeling that her mother is very strict and rightfully protective (who her mother is makes her a target) and she wants freedom.  As for Madonna, she is a performer, she is going to do what she needs to do to keep on making it up there.  Who she is on tV may not who she is in real life.

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