Pregnant Again?! '16 & Pregnant' Stars Need a Course in Birth Control!

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pregnant bellyTeenagers can be extremely stupid. It's a fact. They make bad decisions every single day and our jobs, as moms, is to stop them from making them and try to rein them in so they don't kill themselves. On MTV's Teen Mom franchise, we see an extreme example of this dynamic going so, so wrong.

Many of the moms on the show were teen moms themselves, and they don't have the tools to teach their own daughters how not to make the same mistakes. Now, three of the 16 and Pregnant moms are pregnant AGAIN. Because they needed another baby. Right.

The three girls -- Ebony Jackson-Rendon, who appeared on the show’s first season, Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant, and Kristina Head (the girl whose baby’s father drowned last season) -- are all pregnant with their second children. I don't think I need to tell you that none of these girls needs baby number two any more than they needed baby number one.

Of these three girls, at least one is still in her teens. The fact is, teen minds aren't mature enough to make these kinds of decisions. And they're kidding themselves if they think baby number two is going to be any easier. In fact, as a mom of two, I can assure them that what you THINK will be double the work is, in fact, more like an exponential amount more.

So how do we stop these teens from making idiotic decisions? We parent them. Sadly, much to most parents' chagrin, parenting doesn't become "easier" at 13. If anything, it becomes more complicated and difficult.

Teens still need guidance. They are still children. Ebony may be in her early 20s now, but she is still not even mature enough to have one child given that the child was taken away from her because of their home's condition. Is two really going to help her figure her life out?

It's a shame in this day and age when so many moms who are well-equipped, financially stable, and mature can't have kids that these girls just keep on getting pregnant.

Their ovaries work better than their brains. It's a real shame.

Do you think these teens will be good second-time moms?


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nonmember avatar shelly

Birth control? How about we not make pregnant, unwed, teenage mothers entertainment. What would you expect? They are becoming famous and making money, of being teen moms! Where is the incentive to not have another baby? Maybe, if the entrainment industry would STOP making teen pregnancy lucrative and fame achieving, these kids wouldn't see the point in having a second.

puasa... puasaurusrex

While I agree, teen mothers need a second baby like a hole in the head, I just want to give you some clarification. Kristina Head is married. She got married (I believe) about 6 months after her episode aired.

nonmember avatar blh

Who cares if she's married?? A piece of paper doesn't mean you're mature or stable or have any money. I know two couples who got married that young and one is divorced right after the baby came and the dads in jail and the other couple are druggies and awful parents.

Lacie Sechelski

You are full of shit! "The fact is, teen minds aren't mature enough to make these kinds of decisions." You need to be let go of your job, cause you sure as hell dont know! I was a mother of 2 as a teen. And still had enought money saved to put a down payment on a house! And make my car payment. I had to get a GED but that didnt stop me from working and giving my children what they needed.  My Fucking TEEN MIND was more then Mature to do anything a mother over her teen years could do. Am I just one out of a million, NO! There are more mother like me. A lot of people dont know cause we dont have some stupid tv show .. To show how hard we work to make things right. So you you"Teen minds" You should have said "These Teens" Cause you just put all teens into that sentence.


nonmember avatar annoyed

I get so irritated when I hear people complain about older mature people not able to have kids and teenagers can. When there is some older adults who won't even care for their kids. I am 19 years old a mother of 2 wonderful kids both under the age of 2. I go to College and my kids still have everything they need. Without any assistance from the govt. I have my own house and my own vehicle I am doing very well for being a teen mom.

leomo... leomomof2

These articles get worse and worse with their research I swear. U guys hired some extremely stupid journalists. Kristina Head is married therefor its none of ur business if she is pregnant again or not. Really it's none of ur business if any of these girls are pregnant. Get ur head outta ur butt and get a real job.

nonmember avatar me

Actually all 3 girls are married. Brooke got married in her 16 and pregnant episode and Ebony got married before she and her baby daddy moved onto the military base.

cmjaz cmjaz

I assume from the article that all 3 'girls' will be in their 20's when the babies are born. That's not too young, unless they are unable to handle it

Jessica Bolves

Are you nuts? Who are you to judge anyone? Yeah, I have to agree that Ebony shouldn't be having another baby right now.She's proven herself unfit. But when it comes to Brooke and Kristina, I think they're good moms. And all 3 are married, so when did you decide it was a good idea to step in a criticize them? I'm 27 years old and know people my age and even older that are horrible moms, and I know teenagers that are wonderful moms. So just because they're young doen't mean they're not good moms. And it doesn't mean they don't deserve the right to make the decision to have another baby.

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