16-Year-Old Kara Alongi Fakes Own Kidnapping & Breaks Her Parents' Hearts Twice

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kara alongiKara Alongi started a joke, which started the whole world crying ... especially her parents! The 16-year-old was home alone on Saturday when she posted on Twitter about "someone," an implied intruder, being inside her house and to call 911 for her right away. Naturally when her mom and dad got home and Kara was nowhere to be found, they freaked out and called the police. Of course they did. I mean, can you imagine? As a parent, I would've been utterly beside myself with worry. But for the wrong reason, apparently -- because when the cops showed up (K-9 units and all), it soon became clear that Kara hadn't been kidnapped. There were no signs of forced entry, for one thing. Then police found out that somebody called a taxi to Alongi's house shortly after Alongi posted about the intruder -- and the taxi driver was able to identify Kara as the girl he recently dropped at the train station. (Who happened to be carrying a big bag of stuff, almost as if she were, y'know, running away.)

Security cameras at the station even captured Kara waiting for the train! So we basically know for a fact that Kara made this whole thing up -- but why? And will "the girl who tweeted wolf" (as she's  being called) ever come back, now that everybody thinks of her as a big faker?!

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Look, I'm sure if I were Kara's mother, I'd just want her back at any cost. That's how I would feel if my daughter did something like this ... but I'd also be MAD! Mad, scared, hurt, sad, confused, betrayed ... all that stuff. What a very stupid social media stunt for a kid to pull! Was Kara looking for attention? Did she really want to get away from her life? (I doubt it, because she kind of sucked at covering her tracks.) Either way, she managed to break her parents' hearts twice in one terrible day.

Why do you think Kara Alongi wanted people to believe she was kidnapped?


Image via Clark Police Department

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kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Because clearly shes a selfish girl who was thinking of no one but herself. Why else?

dirti... dirtiekittie

she's a 16 year old girl, so i'd imagine it had something to do with her not getting something/someone she wanted. is there anything more selfish than a 16 year old girl? not usually.

nonmember avatar jenna

Lame. This kid is lame and selfish.

Rhodin Rhodin

I'd make her pay the city back for their time, probably through community service.

nonmember avatar Christie

I don't know why anyone would believe it anyway....if you can tweet from your phone why wouldn't you just call 911 yourself?

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

I don't understand kids anymore. Granted I wasn't mother Theresa at age 16. But I sure as hell had more respect for my parents, and brains in my head than this chick. 

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

If I ever had the nerve to pull a stunt like that at 16 then I wouldn't DARE go home, because I know my parents would beat the crap out of me lol. I hope her town makes her pay back their time with community service. She needs a good dose of reality.

nonmember avatar Emma

When I was 16 I did something similar. My dad screamed at me for being lazy and I called the police for "child abuse"

Mary Cimino

How do we know it's something little? I ran away at 14 and never looked back. Granted my mother is a mentally deranged psycho who liked to smack me around. I know nothing about the parents so who knows. I was emancipated at 15 so no clue of my story counts.

nonmember avatar david

She got her friends in trouble for ratting them out and knew she was going to get beat up the next day at school

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