Facebook's 'Slut' Page Is Shaming Our Daughters: Help Shut It Down!

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laptopFacebook has a solid history of making breastfeeding moms mad, and now the site has moved to the other end of the parenting spectrum. An angry petition aimed at getting a page called "12-year-old slut memes" taken down hasn't worked. Moms who have found their young daughters' photos and words are being used by the page run by two 19-year-olds from Australia whose stated mission is "slut shaming" are mad.

As they should be. Two grown men have no business picking on young girls! And the very words "slut shaming" are despicable.

And yet, moms, dads, there's a very important something being ignored in all the sturm and drang here. Would this page exist if girls weren't loading the web with questionable images and inappropriate?

Hold up, let me be clear. This doesn't excuse the lascivious nature of the 230,000-some people who are checking out pictures of young girls on Facebook. It doesn't mean 12-year-old slut memes belong on Facebook.

But while you're fighting the good fight against Facebook to get the page yanked, you might want to do a double-check on your kid's wall. Is she posing half clothed with that ridiculous duck face? Does your 15-year-old have a status like this one (warning before you click ... it was so bad we didn't want to repeat it here)?

I try to avoid friending kids, but a few have slipped in here and there. And some of the stuff I see on there makes it pretty clear their parents NEVER check in. Fifteen-year-olds building elaborate beer can pyramids? Fourteen-year-olds talking about sex? Something tells me they aren't worried about Mom and Dad getting a look-see.

This disgusting page needs to be pulled off the Internet, and the whole controversy should be a wake-up call to parents: your little darlings aren't just talking to friends about their homework on Facebook. Now do something about it!

And let's get this page down! Sign the petition.

What's your Facebook policy? What would you do if your daughter ended up on a page like this one? 


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2nino... 2ninos4me

Whats worst than that page ? All the grown women who need to be naked in order to get " likes " smh .... And while that page isnt a nice thing we all know that they are been honest ! And maybe tjose twelve yr old whores would feel ashamed and focus on school instead of been the whore that everyone f.... !!!

kelti... kelticmom

2ninos4me: what a wonderful person you must be. 12 year olds have bad judgment yes. They emulate their idols, Miley, Britney, Demi, etc. They see their older sisters and friends dress a certain way and take pictures. Does this mean they are sleeping with multiple guys at 12? No! Are they sluts and whores? No! And two adult men have NO right to be stalking young girls on Facebook with the intent if stealing their pictures and posting them under "12 Year Old Sluts". How would you feel if that was your daughter?

the4m... the4mutts

Jesus, the morons are out en masse today.

Nobody has any right to pick on children. Gross old dudes especially.

My fb policy? Is no. You're not allowed to have one until high school, if its still around by then. And no twitter either.

When they ARE old enough, I WILL have that password, or I will block the site entirely from their phones & the family computer.

If they abuse the privelage, I will personaly delete their account. Its about their own protection, and good behavior. I don't need my kids to be perfect angels, or even polite all the time. But they will NOT be bullies, or inaproperiate in photographs. They will act like the intelligent, fun, young people I know them to be.

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

Only in a completely backwards society would slut shaming be considered bad. Being a slut, dressing like a slut or acting like a slut is nothing to be proud of. If you do this, you deserve to be ashamed of yourself.

Start acting and dressing like a lady and then people will stop treating you like garbage.

Should people make fun of 12 year olds? Possibly not, but maybe this will teach them that society won't accept slutty behavior and they can clean up tgeir acts before they truly become sluts.

BTW, what the heck is a 12 year old doing having a fb account? That right there is why 12 year olds think they are adults...they are allowed to act like them!

Holly Rokes-Deal

I just checked out the page and honestly, the pictures they are "stealing" are pretty bad pictures. Maybe those girls need a wake up. I'm smack the bejesus out of my child if she posted a picture with an unopened condom in her mouth(yes that picture is on there). So far I've seen pictures that are very inappropriate for girls of their age to be taking. If their parents won't stop them, maybe these kids will. Just my perspective.

Niki Jordan

I've been reporting pages like this for a while now. That page is in Aus. what about the one that are based in the US like Midwest hoes where I saw a 12 year old beg the admin to take her pic down, she was ashamed of the pic and wanted to be a normal. This is why is so important to talk to your children about the dangers of sexting. Every time facebook deletes his page, he just up and makes a new one, mocking the people that complain about his site, saying he can hide his IP, the cops won’t find him and says all his pictures are 18 or older and verified “slut or hoe status”. I ended up contacting Missing and Exploited Children because this person posted a picture of a clearly underage girl, gave her full name and where she went to school with details on what she could do in private. This is a pedophiles fantasy, little girl served on a computer screen. Why aren’t cyberbullying laws going after these people?

Niki Jordan

Anyone who is saying these girls should be shamed for dressing like this remember that the reality of today is most of these girls have very young mothers themselves that probably condone this. MTV is no longer for music, but reality shows that pay you to get pregnant or wear skimpy clothes and drink yourself stupid. Teenagers are sneaky and parents can check up on their kids all the time and still not see this. Two Facebook pages are normal for teenagers these days, one for parents and one for friends. Personally I do not think "kids stopping these behaviors with bullying" is the right way to go or ever think. Let's condone one bad behavior to stop another. Schools need to be more involved, calling the parents and telling them their children are not going by dress code and if it continues, suspend them. It was that way when I went to school, but now they seem to not care.

Kelly Walters

I'm friends on Facebook with my 14 year old...if there is even the tiniest bit of something that is marginally inappropriate, she's got Me, her dad, her grandparents and her Aunts ready to jump down her throat! She actually deleted a friend who has probably been featured on the slut page. Kids have to be watched on social networking, that's all there is to it.

justyne5 justyne5

I agree that what these two young men are doing is wrong, and no, I don't think that facebook, as a social media company, should allow these types of pages. I think it's exploitive. But, if you read the original article, it says most pictures were copied from the girls facebook accounts. A better question to ask would be- why are these underage girls posting sexual pictures of themselves on facebook?  If you don't want someone to see it, don't post it on the internet.  If these girls took/agreed to take the photos and disseminated them by posting them on the web, I don't feel sorry for them. Bad judgement aside, what on earth made them think it could possibly ok? 

the4m... the4mutts

Its a parent's job to monitor their kids. Just because they're not doing their job, doesn't give the general public the right to humiliate an underage girl.

Anyone that thinks its okay to label a legal CHILD as a slut has their head up their ass.

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