Every School Should Give Out Emergency Contraception & Every Parent Should Be Grateful

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plan bLet me get straight to the point: Should parents be flipping out because NYC high schools are offering emergency contraception -- otherwise known as the "morning-after pill" or Plan B -- to students? No. In fact, they should probably be grateful. Because the simple fact is teens are going to have sex. Not all of them, but quite a few of them. Sure, as parents we like to think that the way we raise our children -- the morals we instill, the standards we set -- will dictate which group they fall into, but that's just not true -- not all of the time. And to believe otherwise is dangerously naive.

I highly doubt kids are going to use emergency contraception as a get out of pregnancy free card, as some parents seem to fear. First of all, Plan B isn't a multivitamin or even a birth control -- you can't toss one back every morning. They're meant for occasional -- y'know, emergency -- use.

Now suppose your teen happens to have this type of emergency. And it's not like the two of you don't have a good relationship, you talk about stuff, but come on -- she's embarrassed! She's a kid! If it's a choice between telling you about a broken condom so you'll take her to the pharmacy (minors can't get Plan B without a prescription, even though it's usually sold over-the-counter) or just pretending nothing happened or hoping for the best, well, what would you have done as a teen? Emergency contraception in high schools makes sense for the same reason giving IUDs to our daughters makes sense. Because teens aren't responsible enough to be having sex. But they're going to have sex anyway.

What do you think about NYC high schools giving teens emergency contraception?

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easun... easunshine

Man. No. I agree with the idea, but what happens afterwards? What happens if there's emotional aftermath (or worse) they aren't prepared to deal with, this is a hormonal drug afterall? Where will they go for support if they're hiding this? And that's just one of many reasons against this. Do I understand the reason and see the value? Absolutely. But I just don't think it's the best decision of things to make readily available to our teens.

kelti... kelticmom

I think it's a great idea. Moms cannot bury their heads in the sand and think that just bc they have raised their daughter a certain way, or promoted abstinence or feel that she will surely come talk to her bf having sex, odds are she won't. I graduated from a small Evangelical Christian school back in 99 and over half my class had lost their virginity. And was very good about pretending to still be innocent little "True Love Waits" kids. If that was a religious school in the 90's, I cannot imagine what a public school is like today.


Actually, you would be very surprised by the number of high school girls who "DO" use emergency contraceptives as a 'Get of of being pregnant' free card.

I worked 3rd shift weekends in the ER for years and they would come in around 2 am asking for it.

momof... momof030404

No you let me get THIS straight.....YOU believe that a TEENAGE CHILD who is too immature and irresponsible to get on a MONTLY pill before having sex IS mature enough and smart enough and responsible enough to NOT use this has a "get out of pregnancy free" card?!  JUST curious are they allowed to bring Asprin to school again yet? Field trips.....still need parental permission for those? But NOT something this big. Let me keep this real simple.....MY kids, NOT the governments. I get to make these decisions and the fact that there are few crappy parents out there doesnt mean you get to make these kind of altering decisions for my child.....just one more reason more and more people will pull their kids out of the (idiotic) public school systems. How about we trying focusing on EDUCATION and keep all the PC and personal agendas out. Our kids are falling behind so many other countries....maybe because THOSE countries are focused on school works and not political agendas?

Ronny-Tammie Jenkins

Amen Momo! I totally agree with you. I am the parent who makes the medical decisions for my child because I am the one responsible for their well being. The school is responsible for teaching not handing out medicine of any sort that I haven't approved!

early... earlybird11

Hahaha while I'm fine with the idea I find it ironic where it is bein.g done.... They can't decide to drink a big gulp of soda but they can decide to have sex and get the emergency contrceptive at school. Awesome

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Hey momof3. Just because the nurses are ALLOWED to give out the drug to students, doesn't impose anyone's (including the governments) opinion on you or your kids... Don't believe in it? Don't want your kid to obtain it/need it? Teach them different...

No government is making healthcare choices for your 3 kids at all. In fact, if anything, its giving you (and your children) more freedom and accessibility to healthcare.

Who would be against that?

kkey75 kkey75

I have a problem with a school giving my child ANY medicine without my consent. I don't care what it is.

sterl... sterling21

This is a powerful drug, how is appropriate to give drugs to kids? And the article mentioned they are just kids and are not mature. That's correct, but why do parents just throw thier hands up in the air and say "well if everyone else's teens are having sex, why tell my teen no" It seems very bizzare that teens having sex is normal, they are still children, would anyone let thier nine year old have a boyfriend and have sex? Why is it ok for a 14 year old? It's a parents job to keep thier children from harm, having unprotected sex is very dangerous, having sex before your ready can emotionally be dangerous, why can't more parents keep track of where the kids are and kids busy with things that focus on education and life skills instead of trying to look like the cool mom. Giving out this pill just gives more incentive for parents to care even less about teaching thier own kids.

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