High School Math Teacher & Psy Look-Alike Does 'Gangnam Style' at School Pep Rally -- AWESOME! (VIDEO)

hyun teddy koBoring high school teachers take themselves super seriously and look down their noses at the latest fads. Awesome high school teachers -- you know, the ones kids actually LEARN stuff from because they're fun to be around -- dive right into the same pop culture obsessions as their students (even at the risk of looking like fools). Perfect example? Hyun "Teddy" Ko, a math teacher at Murrieta Mesa High School in California. See, Mr. Ko happens to bear a striking resemblance to South Korean star PSY. Bet you can guess where this story is headed ...


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Straight to (yet another) "Gangnam Style" parody! And one of the best yet, in our opinion. Because, hello?! This viral video stars a high school math teacher/PSY-lookalike performing "Gangnam Style" at a pep rally with cheerleaders as backup dancers!

Check it out:

Isn't Hyun "Teddy" Ko awesome?! Not to mention clever. Talk about motivating kids to do well in math!

Do you think more high school teachers should be like Hyun "Teddy" Ko?


Image via Matt Rauch/YouTube

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