Disgusting Bullies Who Mocked Pregnant Cheerleader Deserve to be Humiliated (VIDEO)

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pregnant cheerleader prankSometimes the meanest girls in high school aren't girls at all, it turns out. Sometimes they're senior boys dressed up like girls. "Pudgy" girls, actually. "Pudgy cheerleaders," to be exact. Or, if you want to get super-specific, pudgy PREGNANT cheerleaders. Yup, told you they were mean -- especially considering these goons pulled their little stunt at a prep rally in an attempt to humiliate a former cheerleader for the opposing squad.

I say "former" because, as you may have guessed, this cheerleader didn't get to try out for the 2012 squad. On account of the whole pregnancy thing.

And just to beat that rival team over the head with their cruel point, the boys from Perry High added a particularly tasteless prop: A baby doll, apparently borrowed from health class.

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Obviously, this prank is sick and disturbing on about a million different levels: The bullying, the line-crossing, the slut-shaming, the thoughtless mockery of an innocent child. The flip, insensitive jab at an extremely challenging and all-too-common situation in our society. The list goes on and on, but the worst part, to me, is the fact that some "authority" figure MUST have known about this plan -- and let it happen anyway.

I mean, I'm not excusing the boys -- at ALL -- but, well, guys in high school are usually assholes, if I remember correctly, still addicted to the adolescent thrill of referencing sex in any way, shape or form. That's why teachers, parents and coaches are around -- to keep the offensive dumbasses in check. Except, nobody put the brakes on this idiotic scheme.

Some, at least, are reacting appropriately. Perry local schools superintendent John Richard says the student with the baby doll was "given a significant punishment and forced to write an official apology." But that's not enough.

Unless that "significant punishment" could somehow include getting knocked up by a clueless oaf and suffering heartless ridicule as a consequence, of course.

Do you think somebody could have and should have stopped these boys?

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bb510 bb510

Yep, I remember the boys being the worst too. I know it's juvenile, but I still get occasionally po'd when I think of one specific boy!

Flori... Floridamom96

Does The Stir have editors? Do they ever read what they post? The writing in this blog is horrific! Was the author intending to write from the perspective of a junior high student? Surely CafeMom can do better than this garbage.

MikeA... MikeAsh1013

I am still quite young and I find this to be rather hilarious. If the young girl they are "bullying" is old enough to have sex and get pregnant and raise a baby, then she sure as hell better be mature enough to look at this picture, laugh, and chalk it up as one of the MANY ways she will be ridiculed for having a baby and becoming a teen mom! Our society is all about glorifying teen mothers and they need to look at it for what it is...a baby having a baby!!! In my mind, the writer of this article was way more "bullying" and bitchy than what those kids were...you're perspective of what some high schoolers think is way off my dear!!!

jessi... jessicasmom1

so wrong on how many levels!!

kemcl... kemclaughlin

This kind of behavior by teenagers is what causes the "Pregnant Former Cheerleader  Commits Suicide After Horrific Bullying Incident" headlines.  Someone knew about this.  It happened at an assembly.  So someone knew.  All of these kids should be suspended from the football team and whomever approved this "routine" should be fired.  

kelti... kelticmom

Wow, I sincerely hope that none of your daughter's ever get pregnant in high school, or that your son's get a girl pregnant, bc y'all are some heartless bitches. I guess you were the mean girls in school who would have found those disgusting boys actions hilarious. How's the weather over there in Perfectville?

Drama... Dramamama30

I dont believe they are saying its perfectville, but i  do see what they are trying to say I mean if you are grown up enough to have sex you better be grown up enough to think about the consequences and risks. I am not saying that these boys don't deserve any punishment of course they do. They publicly humiliated her but as long as there are girls who dont measure the consequences there will be boys that take advantage to bully. So moms dont glorify pregnant teens and raise your daughters to know their self worth. Thats all we can do and hope for the best.

CPN322 CPN322

It is really sad to me that people think that because she got pregnant she should just take this and laugh it off. I always thought jokes were supposed to be funny. How is making fun of a girl who got a little too caught up, crossed the line and is facing the consequences funny? It is especially sad to me that one of the commentors saying this claims to be young. The youth of today are seriously lacking in empathy, sympathy and compassion. The world today is so full of people who only care about themselves and when looking at others mistakes tend to forget they have made plenty of their own. Why the hell should it be ok to make funny of anyone for any reason? Its called projecting. It's much easier to focus on the mistakes and faults in others then to actually look at ourselves. I wish people who choose to make fun of others would stop for one second and think about why it is they feel they are entitled to do so. To me, making fun of others shows a serious lack of intelligence. It does not take maturity to laugh something like this off. That would be called having thick skin due to living in a cruel world. And no, I'm not some old fart I'm only 26 and 2 of my siblings are in high school so no, I am not out of touch with the ridiculous way teenagers treat each other now. The things my brothers friends write on his fb page all in fun make me sick to my stomach. And yes, of course someone should have stopped these boys.

CPN322 CPN322

And since when should being grown up enough to have sex mean that you should be grown up enough to take being made fun of? Seriously people, think about what the hell you are saying. So because you are all grown ups, I suppose it would be ok for me to poke fun at something you have done and regrett. I hate this world.

Marcie Borgula

I'm sure this cheerleader they were making fun of isn't happy about her situation.  She has a lot to face becoming a mother at a young age and she doesn't need these boys publicly humiliating her.  She probably already has self image issues on how people will view her pregnancy and how people will treat her as a teen mom, she didn't need a dig like this one.  I hope those boys really see what the problem is and not just blow it off as adults being sensitive. 

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