Snoop Dogg Smokes Bong With His Son in Major Parenting Fail

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Snoop DoggWhen the celebrity kid who uploads pictures of himself smoking what appears to be weed is Snoop Dogg's -- oh, excuse me, Snoop Lion's -- son, you have to know what's coming next. The photos Corde Calvin Broadus posted to Twitter show Snoop Dogg right there with him, taking his own hits off the bong.

I know what you're thinking. Snoop Dogg/Lion/Hippopotamus smokes weed? I'm so ... not ... surprised!

But here's what is surprising, y'all. This is a guy who has bragged about giving his kids a "normal existence" despite their dad's fame. I'm not sure where "smoking a bong with dad" is considered normal, but it's not the United States. It makes you wonder what his kids really think of him, doesn't it? They certainly don't respect him.

Hold up, hear me out.

Corde Calvin Broadus' dad is famous. He's grown up in a household knowing that what he does is going to be watched, going to be commented on, because he's Snoop Dogg's son. And yet, he posted these controversial photos to Twitter without a care for what this will do to his dad or himself.

The teenager obviously doesn't see weed as a big deal. He makes blatant references to the illegal drug on Twitter numerous times. But more to the point, he doesn't see smoking with his dad as a big deal. And why should he? Snoop is obviously being more friend than parent to his kids.

I know I sound like a stick in the mud, but it sounds like fun ... until it isn't.

Once your kids stop looking at you as an authority figure, you're done for. You have no leverage as a parent. You might as well just be their friend for all the respect you'll get from them.

I remember sitting at a high school party and watching a friend's dad drive up the driveway. It was obvious what was going on -- there were drunk teenagers everywhere -- but this father didn't do any of the "adult" things you'd expect. He simply let his son out of the car and drove away. I think every kid sitting there lost respect for the man that day. We might have been a bunch of stupid teenagers, but even we knew he was wrong. It's a memory that's stuck with me because I don't want to be that dad, the one who abdicates his role as the parent for so long that he loses total control over his kids.

What can Snoop Dogg do about this whole mess now? Nothing. He can't have a talk with his teenager about how those photos could mess up his potential career, at least not with any authority ... and that's his fault. He decided to go the "cool" dad route, and this is the monster he's created.

Would you share a bong with your teenager? What do you think of parents who do?


Image via Man Alive!/Flickr

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butte... butterflyfreak

First of all, the "teenager" is legally an adult. So I say "who cares?" Find something else to be judgy about!

Erika NW Goodall

....This is so silly. -_- He's not a child anymore. I don't see it as any different then when my mother and I enjoy an adult beverage together. It certainly doesn't make me see her as less of a parent. Everyone needs some time to relax.

nonmember avatar HS

Really?! I'm speechless. A monster? Really?! I just can't ...

jalaz77 jalaz77

No I would not but are you REALLY shocked??

capta... captain..

LMAO First the kid is NOT a child anymore and Second this is Snoop Dog we are talking about .. one of the biggest hollywood stoners.

nonmember avatar HS

Really?! I'm speechless. A monster? Really?! I just can't ...

nonmember avatar HS

Really?! I'm speechless. A monster? Really?! I just can't ...

Donna Holland

Wow, talk about judgemental! You make all of these assumptions about their family life and father/son relationship based on this? You should be a crime writer with such a vivid imagination. my Mom gave me permisiion to smoke ciggarettes when I was 14. Please, tell me whata horrible family life we had.

Mommi... MommietoJB

Just as much as you believe weed is bad, there are other people that dont think weed is bad. Young adults which his son is legally an adult by the way are going to experiment and smoke whether they do it at home or not. And marijuana is legal in california for medicinal use.

Miriam Kennedy

Is Snoop Dogg's son not a grown up? Do people really have a problem with people treating their adult children as friends and equals? 

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