Mom & Dad Save 12-Year-Old Son's Life by Each Donating a Lung

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lung xraySometimes it's important to remember that for every horrible story we hear about horrible parents doing horrible things to their children, there's an equally amazing story about amazing parents doing amazing things for their children. Like the mom and dad in Germany whose 12-year-old son Mari was dying of cystic fibrosis. Hooked up to a ventilator and a heart-lung machine in April, the boy was in desperate need of a double-lung transplant, but doctors couldn't find a suitable donor.

Until mom and dad made a big decision ...

After discovering that both parents had compatible blood types and lungs larger than their son's (which is a requirement in these cases), Mari's mother and father went 50/50 to save his life: Each parent sacrificed a lung.

Can you imagine?! Of course, if you're a parent, you can -- and you would probably do the same thing for your kid if you could (I know I would!). But there's something particularly poetic and heartwrenching about this story: 1 lung from mom + 1 lung from dad = 2 healthy lungs, and a much healthier Mari. The 12-year-old had to spend 155 days in the hospital recovering from the transplant (both mom and dad were apparently back on their feet in no time), but his "prognosis and quality of life" are reportedly "much improved."

I hope and pray that this family enjoys good health for many, many years to come. May every breath they take be deep, clear, and joyful!

Would you give up a lung for your child?


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Mary Ivancic

I would in a heartbeat =)

Stone... Stoneys1Mom

What a miracle that both parents could be donors. It was probably the easiest decision they ever made, it would be for me. I pray that the health of everyone in this family continues to stay well.

ClemF... ClemFamily

I would donate whatever was needed for my boys. They are my world.

gamma4 gamma4

That is great..thank God He does such miracles.

That is one reason I donate blood and am an organ donor....I do not match either of my children...maybe I can help someone and then if my children need help someone can help them.

nonmember avatar Kristin

Like the other parents commenting, absolutely 100% would do this in a heartbeat without a second thought. So good to read stories like this that bring tears to my eyes for all the right reasons.

nonmember avatar Stacey elsenpet

This is story is to close to home:) my son Zachary was born in kidney failure.. My husband donated a kidney to him when he was 11 months old.. Then when Zach was 5 he went into rejection.. I his mommy was not a match over 2,000 people tested and then finally a kidney was found in the kidney paired exchange program... I his mom donated my kidney to a complete strange so my son could receive a kidney from another stranger.. It was a 6 way swap!! EVERYONE Is doing awesome!!!! So my husband and I both donated a kidney to save our sons LIFE!!! I feel for this family because more people need to get there story out and educate people about organ donation!!!!

You can follows zachs story on Facebook at (save Zachary Elsenpeter)!!!


Cindi DiSiena

I would give my life for any of my three amazing children. I am nothing without them. A mothers ( fathers ) love is never ending :)

nonmember avatar Shelly Dowdle

Yes! I donated a kidney to my son when he was 5 years old and only wish I had a few more to donate!!! There are so many organs that can be donated from living donors! Kidney, liver, small intestine (to a child anyway), lung. Also PLEASE register to become an organ donor! TELL YOUR FAMILY!! So many more people could have a second chance at life if there were more organs available. My son was born with kidney failure due to a tiny piece of tissue that wasn't suppose to be there. He was suppose to be stillborn, but he's been proving doctors wrong his entire life. He's now 20 years old.

Todd Vrancic

You needed to ask?  Without even blinking.

nonmember avatar tinylilfeets.

Absolutely. What's life worth if I could give to my child and I decline. God bless those parent, that act will add more joyous years to them.

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