'X Factor' Contestant Jillian Jensen Sends Powerful Message to Her Bullies (VIDEO)

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Demi Lovato Jillian JensenWhen Jillian Jensen took to the X Factor stage and admitted she'd been bullied through middle and high school, it could have turned into yet another "stay strong kids, you'll make it" message. Which is all well and good -- we can use as many of them as we can get. But when the teenager broke out into a performance so powerful Demi Lovato was moved to tears and even Simon Cowell was blown away, the dynamic shifted.

Jillian's raspy rocker rendition of Jessie J's "Who You Are" is about to become an anthem for bullying victims everywhere. But it's also an in-your-face wake-up call to the bullies of the world that makes me wonder if we've been approaching this whole bullying thing the wrong way. Check it out:

OK, did you catch what Demi Lovato said before Jillian got going? "We're both up here. The bullies that bullied us -- they're at home watching us on TV."

It's an important message for victims, yeah, but can we talk about the other side of it for a second? We tell our kids that they just have to be strong and they will prevail, but do we really spend time talking to our kids about what a waste of time bullying is? Do we ever sit our kids down and say, "Hey, you do realize that bullying won't get you anywhere in life, right?"

Jillian Jensen has spent years honing her craft, and it landed her on the X Factor stage, where she wowed all the judges. Meanwhile her bullies were doing what? Wasting their time making prank calls and telling her how much she sucks? What exactly do they have to show for all of that? Certainly not a spot on a major reality show or chance at a recording contract.

I hope to see Jillian Jensen go far because she's immensely talented, but also because she deserves it: she took the RIGHT path when too many kids are taking the wrong one.

What did you think of Jillian's story?


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nonmember avatar Christie

She was amazing, and I was in tears about 30 seconds into the song....What great talent, so sad her fellow classmates could not embrace her for her differences and see that that is what makes her special.....so a big HAHA to the bullies who will be sitting at home watching her on national TV....And I loved at the end when she said it's time to move on and forget about that stuff, that's a great way to show the bullies that they are nothing anymore and she has better things to do than worry about what those loosers think about her.

jsl2007 jsl2007

I was crying through her entire performance. She was and is absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Those bullies are nothing to her anymore. She is so brave and so strong for not giving up and for going after her dreams. I wish her the best of luck!!!

Richard Wun

That's was a once in a lifetime experience I will always cherish for the rest of my life.

cooki... cookiesandclogs

I have been following X Factor and saw this. I'm so glad you mentioned this. So many are focused of fixing the aftereffects that few think about preventative measures. Where do these kids get the idea of bullying anyway? I think it stems from problems at home and bad examples. Parents should be proactive to make sure THEIR kids are not the ones being the bullies...

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