Boy's Hilarious Video of Sleepwalking Mom Is Wakeup Call for Us All (VIDEOS)

sleepwalking mom

Hey mamas, payback's a bitch! You know all those mortifying pics and videos that we have taken of our kids bathing, running around naked, or looking painfully awkward before going to their first school dance? Well, that's nothing compared to what they can expose about us. Case in point: the YouTube video a teen recently posted of his mom sleepwalking.

Doesn't sound so bad, you say. Well, it wouldn't have been if she was actually just walking. Already seen by more than 1.1 million people, her behavior in the video is just plain bizarre -- and totally hilarious. Watch and be leery of what your darling sons and daughters may have in store for you!


In one minute, this pink-pajama clad mom roams the house, rambling on incoherently about some special code she needs to open a tomato cage (whatever that is). Though that is just the beginning of the hijinks. As her son asks her questions, she stares blankly ahead and starts doing a little jig Gangnam style, twirling around and bouncing her shoulders. Never knew something could be so weird, spooky, and sidesplitting all at the same time?

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Check out mama's moves below:

Her son also posted a video of her reaction to seeing the clip on the web. Was she embarrassed? Wouldn't you be. She's a really good sport though. "Come on, this is not right," says the mortified mom. As she watch, she sat slack-jawed, covered her face, cringed, but ultimately laughed.

See her shocked reaction to the sleepwalking episode:


Do your kids have embarrassing video of you?

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