Bad Parents Forced to Wear Humiliating Signs in Public (PHOTOS)

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  • "I wouldn't let my daughter become a One Direction groupie!"


    What a killjoy. They're not like the other boy bands, dad, they're really talented.

  • "I won't let my son eat pizza for breakfast."


    Seriously?! Just because I eat breakfast for lunch and dinner, too?

  • "I poured a handle of Smirnoff down the drain. It was not mine to pour."


    Bad dad! Bad, bad dad. That sh*t ain't cheap, yo.

  • "I went to my son's soccer game ... and cheered!"


    Not only did you cheer, mom, you made eye contact with me. In public! We've talked about this!

  • "I made my daughter stop texting at the dinner table"


    Way to ruin my social life, MOM.

  • "I ruined my first kid's life by having 2 more kids"


    Everything was fine when I was the only one! Don't think I'll ever forgive you, because I won't. Not ever.

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