Cops Want to Put Guns in High Schools -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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bulletsI have said more than a few times that you couldn't pay me to go back to high school. And yet, there's one thing I do miss. I was in high school before the words "school shooting" were part of the national vernacular. I was in high school before terrified police officers were developing crazy ideas like stashing their guns at the local school just in case.

I mean really, folks, what could go wrong here? Anyone? Bueller?

No one?

OK, I'll start.

High school kids know where everything is in their school. At least we did back in the day. I think we actually specialized in finding things the teachers didn't WANT us to find.

So let's say cops in Plainfield, Illinois, set up gun safes around the local high schools. The kids are bound to know where the firearms are located. Which creates two distinct but equally terrifying possibilities.

Either some idiot kid breaks in, steals the guns and uses them to hurt someone else. Or let's say there is a shooter situation in Plainfield. If the shooter is a student who knows where the cops have hidden their weapons, they can develop a plan to head them off at the pass, to actively prevent law enforcement from accessing their arsenal.

As a mother, I want to feel safe when I put my daughter on a school bus. I like to hear that law enforcement and school officials are coming together to think outside of the box and try to make our schools safer. But I just don't think I'd feel comfortable sending my daughter to a school full of guns, even if the cops have the best of intentions. 

How about you? Would you support gun safes for cops in your child's school?


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geeky... geekychick

So they want to put A gun safe for A rifle for the resource officer to use in case of emergency. Wow did the blogger even read this story before she made up this rant to make it sound like the PD planned to stock pile weapons in high schools. The police officers that stay on campus at high schools tend to stay unarmed so they don't scare the kids or cause distractions. So no I don't think it is a bad idea for the resource COP at the high school to have a gun safe in his office to store his weapon rather then carrying around a hand gun.

Miche... Michelephant

Another sensationalized piece of crap article.  I wonder if the author even reads the sources she cites.  If not there should be a disclaimer next to the source articel saying 'TL;DR'

butte... butterflyfreak

Really, you guys think this site is for serious news? HA

cmjaz cmjaz

I think its an excellent idea

vulca... vulcanarcher

It's a great idea.  My police officer husband comes into my school (I teach) to guest lecture in the forensics classes, and he always packs.  So does the resource officer at the school.  Both of them are cops, both of them are there to ensure the safety of the students.  They are trained in the use of the firearms they carry in addition to other types of firearms.

If somebody wants to do something illegal, they will do it.  The purpose of that article was really stressing not only prevention, but a more effective reaction to a possible deadly situation.

miche... micheledo

I think it is ridiculous to have guns stashed away somewhere.  I would much prefer that those with a license to carry (talking about the adults - teachers and police officers) be allowed to carry their gun with them.

safe-... safe-t-mom

Having recently attended a seminar on schoolplace violence, I was initially, shocked, then saddened, then enlightened by what I learned there.Shock and sadness resulted from hearing about the sheer carnage resulting from these killers accessing the interior of our schools unabated and how they continue to prey on unprotected, unarmed schools and their inhabitants. It is worldwide, in unprecedented numbers.In many cases, they walk in, lock/chain/block exit doors, and employ their plans.Many of the killers are school kids themselves in the very schools they attack, methodically carrying out the actions they have learned from violent video games, movies and internet. In violent video games they are able to practice the actual moves made in killing, become proficient in it and are even able to keep score withith these games of successful kills.Then they carry these actions into the schools and kill their schoolmates, teachers, officers, anyone who will add to the body count.Enlightenment surfaced with the realization that having someone there that might shoot back is the only logical deterrent. What does a killer fear most? Failure.What is the best deterrent and/or defense against a person armed with a gun or worse? Someone that can effectively defend those being attacked. Arm school officers, on their person not locked in a gun case, and let their presence be a deterrent and their weapons be a time-crucial reaction tool should the worst happen.

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