Teens Are Having Less Sex But That's Not Exactly Good News

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beeMoms and Dads, I'll give you the good news first. The number of number of kids who are having vaginal intercourse is on the way down. It seems more teens these days prefer oral sex (although there are fewer doing that than their used to be!!).

Happy? Not so fast. You may not be a grandparent anytime soon because oral sex is still winning out over bumping pelvises for the teen crowd, but we've got a whole other problem on our hands. Kids are getting cocky (absolutely no pun intended ... well, maybe ...), and they're not using protection when they go downtown. And guess what that means?

STDs are still spreading like crazy. The number of mouth cancers associated with HPV has taken a jump, and genital herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis are still being spread through oral sex.

Color me not surprised.

I will go on record saying I had no clue that things like dental dams existed until I went to college and the small town girl got a big ol' eye-opener at the big city college's orientation. Along with that came the warning that you could get herpes of the mouth from oral sex, or vice versa!

Did I mention I was 16 at said orientation and just finding all of this out?

My parents were like most parents, I'm imagining. They gave me the rundown on sexual intercourse and STDs. But they stuck to the pretty traditional methods in the birds and the bees talks. Oral wasn't on the agenda because, really, who WANTS to think about their daughter's mouth ... there?

I know I don't. But I don't really get that choice, do I? I gave birth to her, now I have to protect her. And that means one day I will have to talk to her about more than just vanilla sex (to borrow a phrase from Fifty Shades). And if the numbers coming out of the CDC today are any indication ... there are a LOT of parents out there who need to start talking about oral sex with their kids.

Our kids are living in 2012, they need a sex talk from this era, not the same old one we got in the '80s and '90s.

How detailed have your sex talks gotten with your kids? Do you talk about oral sex?


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Jesicalyn Mary Potter

Ok... That's just gross. I don't even give my husband oral sex. First off No way in HELL am I going to put something that he URINATES with in my MOUTH! Secondly sex is made for procreating, not fun.

nonmember avatar anja

@jesicalyn I spit my tea out when I read your comment. Comedic genius, I tell you.

Elise48 Elise48

"Secondly sex is made for procreating, not fun"

rolling on floor

nonmember avatar Joshua

Jesicalyn, if sex isn't fun for you then you're definitely doing it wrong.

Think... ThinkingK

I haven't talked with my kids about oral sex but I do think it is a good idea. I have to say I thought I was coveiring everything. I never thought to talk about oral sex, maybe because it will be a really uncomfortable conversation, which isn't a good idea.

vamom08 vamom08

I dont want anybody going down on something I bleed out of once a month and men these days dont protect thier self so why would I want to put my mouth on thier pickle its so gross and you cant talk to teens these days like my mama say a "hard ass make a soft ass"I was a 19 year old who thought I knew everything now I have a 3 year old daughter. I will start schooling my daughter early its so sad girls as young as 9 are having sex I was watching a show on HBO about elementary girls having sex tears just came down my eyes My mama didnt discuss the birds and the bees she always talked around it so I went to the internet,my older sister anybody . I will be talking to my daughter early since I had my daughter I dont want a pickle in me so let alone suck on one.

nonmember avatar anja

@vamom08 what kind of pickles are we talking about? garlic? kosher dill? half sours? bread and butter?

nonmember avatar Christie

I wonder what the study said about anal sex....I heard that the kids now are doing anal sex a lot more because they can give the hormone-driven teenage boys what they want and still be able to call themselves "virgins"

nonmember avatar NavyWife

Jesicalyn - I can't help but think that your husband is suffering from a constant case of blue balls. "Sex is for procreating, not for fun". If it wasn't meant to be fun, it wouldn't feel good.

jharr... jharris109

Wow, really? As long as you and your guy are clean and he isn't peeing in your mouth (I know thats disgusting but...) there is nothing wrong with oral, it can be pretty freaking fabulous is my opinion. However, teens do need to be taught about things like this, its really scary that they seem to think they won't catch anything if they do it orally. Did no one explain to them that STD's are transmitted by the FLUIDS, not the actual piece? An STD is an STD, anything having to do with SEX means that if your partner has it, it is HIGHLY likely that you'll catch it!!

Practicality and basic facts are what kids need to be taught and parents need to step up and tell their kids the truth about this SH!T......

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