Mom of Teen Thief Blames Car Owner for Making It Too Easy to Steal

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car keysWhat would you do if your kid stole a car? What if they led the police on a car chase, which ended in a fantastic crash on a highway ramp? Oh, and what if said child was 14 years old?

If you're the mother of one particular 14-year-old accused of the above, you tell the media that your kid was wrong. And then you proceed to blame the whole thing on the owner of the stolen car and the police.

Yes, this really happened.

When the Pennsylvania TV station covering the teenage hooligan's joyride called up his mom, here's what she had to say:

My son was wrong for taking that vehicle, but someone jumped out of their car and a 14-year-old [saw] the opportunity to take the car. He didn't break the car to steal it. They left the keys in the car. I think as an adult we have some type of ownership to being responsible for our vehicles.

Ahem. America? In case you ever wondered why "kids these days" have such a bad rap, now you know: because they have parents like this one. This is the kind of attitude that makes kids think they have the right to steal something that doesn't belong to them in the first place. Because their parents raised them with a shady values system and an easy out for everything they've done wrong!

Oh, and it gets worse here, folks. The mom in question is also mad at the cops for daring to follow her son in the stolen Jeep. The way she sees it?

He had to no right to chase my son. It could have been a situation where maybe it was just a joyride down the street. Maybe he wanted to go further than he felt like walking.

What do you think of this mom's attitude?


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Ima101 Ima101

She's a complete moron.

Todd Vrancic

If any of my kids stole a car, they wouldn't have to worry about walking anywhere, they'd be grounded until they were dead!!

nonmember avatar Desirae

WHAT! THE! FUCK?!?! & people wonder why our county's going to hell in a hand basket! I believe that kids should be held responsible for their actions but She has such an indifferent attitude she should suffer some type of consequence!!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

She's not wrong about people taking responsibility for their own cars, if you leave your car sitting with the keys in the ignition you're pretty much asking for someone to steal your car, but apart from that she's a complete loon.

tater... tatertotk

She needs a swift kick in the ass as well as her kid... Hope she only has one.

Fondue Fondue

"Don't take things that don't belong to you."  That's something most parents teach their kids when they're two years old.  Apparently this one hasn't gotten around to teaching that lesson to her 14-year-old. 

Fondue Fondue

RhondaVeggie, are you that kid's mom?  With your logic, it certainly seems like you could be. 

 ::Rolls eyes::


BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

If I put my bags on the ground next to my car while I get the kids out of the backseat, RhondaVeggie, does that mean that it's fair game for any person that wants to take it?  The package that gets delivered to my front door while I'm still at work - just someone else's for the taking?

brand... brandspanknnew

I don't agree with her or the child's actions; but seriously people, why in the world would you leave your keys in your car and walk off? To do anything? For any amount of time? Yeah the kid is wrong for stealing it, and I don't blame the person who left the keys in their car, but seriously? Why would you set yourself up for that risk?

the4m... the4mutts

God what a douchebag! Maybe he wanted to go further than he felt like walking??? That's an excuse for stealing a car, AND for the cops to not chase you!?

She should be sent to jail next to her kid. Someone that stupid can't rehabilitate their underage car theif.

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