Mother of Missing Teen Writes Angry Letter to Her Kidnapper

hourglassI can barely even think about what Charlene Spierer must be going through right now. The mother of missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer has endured 14 months of not knowing whether her daughter is alive or dead; now, horribly, she's being forced to wait for the results of DNA testing on a skull found in the White River near Indianapolis. In a letter addressed to whomever is responsible for her daughter's disappearance, Spierer describes this time as “80,640 minutes of agony.”

As a mom, reading those words rips me apart. Can you imagine? Every single one of those minutes (and she's only talking about the time she's spent waiting for the DNA results, mind you) has been filled with complete and utter torment. I doubt that poor woman has slept through an entire night since Lauren vanished on June 3, 2011. Every single moment of every single day is twisted in gut-wrenching terror. It must be a living nightmare.

In the letter, posted to the Spierer family website, Charlene does her best to make sure Lauren's kidnapper (or kidnappers) feels the extent of her anguish:

On June 4, 2011, we were hoping for Lauren’s rescue. That’s what the Bloomington Police Department was hoping for as well. As time passed, we were hoping for Lauren’s recovery. Today we are waiting to find out if the remains found in the White River belong to Lauren. We wait along with other families of missing loved ones. It could take as long as eight weeks. That’s 80,640 minutes of agony. We are waiting to find out if a skull found in the White River might be Lauren’s. It’s chilling to say the words. I find it incomprehensible that if by chance you are reading this, you know the answer already.

Incomprehensible. Exactly. The entire situation is incomprehensible to me. Including the strength and bravery Charlene has shown by writing this letter to the people who destroyed her family:

You may or may not be a parent. Somehow I doubt that you are a parent. I guarantee you have no idea what it’s like, waiting to find out if the remains recovered from any number of places are those of your child. I hope I am making you uncomfortable. I hope you have as many sleepless nights as I have. I hope that some day, your parents, your siblings, your friends will all be in a courtroom when your true self is revealed, the self which was born on June 3, 2011 when you took Lauren from us.

Somehow I doubt that monster is a parent, too. 

Do you hope Lauren's kidnappers read her mother's letter? Do you think they'll feel any remorse?

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Todd Vrancic

I doubt the pos who took her daughter would have any remorse, but if writing the letter made her feel better, it accomplished its purpose,

cmjaz cmjaz

I doubt the kidnapper (murderer) cares. They are sociopaths

Sarah... Sarahbear120682

the idea of something like this happening to my little ones makes me want to just lock them away!

Meg Moore

i agree with todd.i just hope who ever did it isnt getting kicks out of it.

Brent... Brentlysmom

So horrible, I have no words to describe how she must feel. I wouldn't know what to do if my child was kidnaped. I doubt the person who took her would even care how anyone feels about what he did. Both sides of this story need prayer.

nonmember avatar Caitlin

I live in Spencer Indiana, like 20 minutes from Bloomington. In 2010, I lived about a block from where that girl was last seen. I NEVER walked anywhere alone. Everyone says stuff about how great IU is, but this is definitely not the first time this has happened and since most of the campus is just one big party for most of the year, no one will even think about this in a couple years and sadly, it will happen again. I hope they find her, and her kidnappers.

NilaDe Tabbee

I myself have a daughter who is missing. She did not come home last Saturday, August 4th, 2012. I can only hope and pray that our story does not end this way, my heart aches for this mother and this family. There is nothing worse than not knowing where your child is or if they are safe, no matter what their age is. My daughter is 17 and she is with her abusive ex boyfriend, we already had a protective order in place but he found her at our local cities yearly celebration, she was alone for a brief time, he saw his opportunity and took it. To all the families out there with missing children, I always thought it would never happen to me, and I sincerely apologize for not having empathy, I have it now.

nonmember avatar Natalie Elayne

Oh NilaDe that is terrible. This world has so many terrible things going on. We can't trust anybody at all. I pray that your baby comes home safe and sound very soon, as I pray for the Spierer family and every other person that is living with something this horrific every day.

nonmember avatar Shawna

@NilaDe Tabbee--I pray for your daughter's safe return. Also praying for the Lauren & her family as well.

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