Teen Opens Hot Dog Stand to Help Disabled Parents & Town Shuts It Down (VIDEO)

nathan duszynskiNot all teenagers are concerned solely with texting and chatting and whatever-ing. Some teenagers actually do things -- amazing things! Like Nathan Duszynski, 13, who raised enough money to buy a hot dog stand; who researched the necessary permits for opening up a hot dog stand; and who opened up a hot dog stand in his hometown of Holland, Michigan, so he could help bring in money for his disabled parents. Yeah, some teens are that kind of amazing.

But wait! This amazing teenager -- this teenager who is doing something really good -- had the wind sucked out of his sails when the town forced him to close down his stand because of "zoning laws that do not allow food carts to compete with downtown restaurants."

Geez, what's next? A lemonade stand. Oh, wait ...


Ten minutes after opening up his cart, a zoning officer from the city approached Nathan and told him he had to close up shop. Nate and his mother, Lynette Johnson, were under the assumption that they had everything taken care of. They said they cleared everything with City Hall and were told they didn't need a business permit. So much for that.

Nathan and his parents don't have it easy. In addition to struggling financially, his mom suffers from epilepsy and his father has multiple sclerosis. Nathan was just trying to help out. He told Mackinac Media: "I'm just trying to bring in some money for them and the household when they're struggling." So he opened up a food cart ... only to have it shut down.

I know that there are laws and rules for a reason, but you know what? When it's a situation like this -- a situation where a 13-year-old kid is just trying to do the right thing -- who cares? Let him have the hot dog stand, for crying out loud.

Nathan recently sold his stand for $2,500, and with the money, he plans on starting a petition that, hopefully, will change the law that shut him down in the first place. I don't think he'll have too much trouble getting signatures.

Check him out:

How cool is Nathan?


Image via Mackinac Center for Public Policy/YouTube

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