5 Tattoos No Mom Wants to See on Her Teen's Body

nightmare tattooLet me just say: I like tattoos. I have tattoos. Which is precisely why I know how important it is to choose a tattoo wisely. Believe me, one minute you're sure you want some dude's initials inked on your ankle forever, the next you're trying to figure out how to turn those initials into a catchphrase you can stand to look at every day for the rest of your life. So while I've resigned myself to the fact that my kids will probably end up going under the needle at some point, I still hope against hope that they won't end up with some undeserving love interest's initials on their skin or, worse -- one of these monster-pieces.

Like this winner right here. I mean, skulls are cool. I got nothin' against goth. But I'm not sure about this skeleton grim reaper dude with little wings. I mean, why is he harvesting a garden of baby heads?

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that tattoo significantly narrowed down its owner's employment options. Just like these 5 terrible tattoos no mom would ever want to see on her teen's body.

Image via SoulRider.222/Flickr

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Saphi... SaphiraJFire

well right off the first tattoo is of Harley-Quin from batman comics. She is a fascinating character in the series and that tat is really good.

The rest of them are well not good or just bad. The foot tat is funny ya but will wear off eventually.

I would like that first tat even lol not the smokin guns though.

tiny_... tiny_mama

^What Saphira said... Harley Quin is a bad assed chick!!!

I think the only tats that wouldn't be ok with me would be.. Gang affiliated tats.. self explanitory.. Racist tats ala swastikas, ss, kkk, etc.. again self explanitory *and especially stupid because my kids are jews!* And anything hate mongering..

Other than that.. your skin.. you gotta live in it kid!

cmjaz cmjaz

So did that chick get the Joker tatoo with guns before or after the Aurora shootings? If before, the tat must go! If after, keep an eye on that chick.

tiny_... tiny_mama

cmjaz... she's not the joke.. she's harley quinn.. and.. that comment.. made me dumber.. -_-

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

Typo lol I am half asleep lol

I want another tat just not her she is super cool jsut not what I want right now lol.

cmjaz cmjaz

Few people will know who she is (harley quinn) and will make the instant connection I did with the Aurora shooter until it all dies down. Keep it covered for a really long time.....

Xiemeneh Xiemeneh

I remember Harley Quinn from the Batman cartoon.

Lisa Moore

Why should anyone have to keep it covered cmjaz? You make no sense.

nonmember avatar zizzler

I wouldn't care what my kids get tattooed. Honestly I'd cringe at the tacky ones (butterfly tramp stamps and barbwire biceps) but it's not my body so w/e. I think even ugly/regrettable tattoos can be enjoyed, like reminding you of who you used to be or of a fun/tough time in your life. I only had one tattoo for about 6 years so I can't say for certain I won't EVER regret it but I can't imagine regretting it. Then again I got it as an adult and after much thought, not on a whim as a teen.

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