Mom Who Wants 14-Year-Old to Get Breast Implants Needs Serious Help

melonsI am an imperfect parent. I make lots of mistakes, and, as such, I really try not to judge the actions of other parents too harshly, even when those actions seem ... ill-advised, let's say. So I'm really, really trying to understand why Chantal Marshall of the UK would actually encourage her 14-year-old daughter Britney Marshall to get breast implants. I really am. Obviously she thinks she's doing her daughter a favor, right? (Obviously she is horribly, terribly wrong about that, but she must have good, if twisted intentions.) I know this sounds crazy, just hear me out.

Apparently Chantal and her four other daughters have over £50,000 worth of breast implants between them, with cup sizes going all the way up to a 34HH. As the youngest daughter, Britney considers herself the "brainy" one of the group. So even though her mom says Britney doesn't have "what she would call boobs" and she'd "like her to follow in her sisters' footsteps," Britney is going through a "funny phase."


She doesn't want fake boobs. That is the "funny phase."

"Maybe I’ll decide to get them too and start saving in a few years," she says. "But for now I want to focus on my school work."

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Atta girl! I mean, uh, what a disappointment. 

So, back to trying to understand why Chantal Marshall is obsessed with turning her perfectly lovely, normal, and studious child into a human Jessica Rabbit. Maybe this mom's own self-image is so distorted that she can't see herself as attractive without gigundo boobs and thusly thinks she is sparing her daughters the same level of un-attractiveness by pumping them full of silicone? Misguided, yes. Munchausen-by-Proxy? Sort of. Freaking insane? Oh hell, probably. I gave it a shot, right? I tried to understand. But I just can't. She's 14 flipping years old!! She's not even fully developed! And why in god's name would you care how big your daughter's breasts were anyway! Also, surgery is risky!!

What do you think Chantal Marshall's reasons for wanting her 14-year-old daughter to get breast implants really are?


Image via Geekgola/Flickr

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