Teen Who Saved Siblings From Intruders Is Why I'll Teach My Kids to Shoot a Gun (VIDEO)

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teen shoots intruderHow often does a story about a teenager and a handgun have a happy ending? This one definitely does: A 14-year-old boy in Phoenix saved his younger siblings' lives by shooting and critically wounding an armed intruder with a handgun. Police say the boy was babysitting his 8, 10, and 12-year-old siblings when a woman he didn't recognize started knocking on the door. Because she was unfamiliar, he didn't let her in the house ... but just a little while later, a strange man started pounding on the door. The teen apparently ran upstairs to get the handgun, and when he got back to the top of the stairs, the man broke down the door and pointed a gun at the boy and his siblings.

That's when the 14-year-old pulled the trigger, shooting the suspect in the chest. Then he grabbed his siblings and ran to a neighbor's house, where he called the police. The suspect is now in the hospital but is expected to go straight to jail once he recovers.

This story could have ended very badly if that 14-year-old boy didn't know how to shoot a gun, but he did -- and I'm going to guess he's had a decent amount of target practice, too, since he got the guy in the chest on his first try. Thank god his parents (I'm assuming) taught him the proper way to handle a gun! I'm not saying guns and kids are always a good mix -- indeed, often they're an incredibly dangerous combination. But maybe that's because kids generally aren't educated about guns and how to use them properly. I don't have a gun in my house and my kids can barely use a can opener, but if I did have a gun and they were older, I'd want them to learn how to shoot it.

Do you think it's a good thing for teens to know how to handle guns?

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elle7777 elle7777

Good for him.

navyw... navywife0204

absolutely they should know!  My daughters are 8 and 10, and we are already teaching them gun safety, and how to safely handle one.  I'm putting them in the 4-H shooting program here as well.

peanu... peanutsmommy1

we will never own a gun in our house, it is not something I feel comfortable with.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Absolutely, yes, it is a good idea. Putting a gun into the hands of a child - teen or younger - isn't just a matter of tossing him the weapon and saying, "here, sonny, have a ball!" No, you sit down with that child, you teach him/her the rules of safety. You supervise every shooting experience. You teach that person how to dismantle the gun and clean it. Responsibility, from the word 'go', is pounded into the shooting student's head.

You hear horror stories about kids who did NOT receive training, and got ahold of a gun. Not the ones who have received training, and practice regularly.

CLM3345 CLM3345

Yes. My dad and grandpa started teaching us how to shoot when we were around 8. I wouldn't hesitate to protect myself and my family. I don't love guns, but I'd rather shoot than be shot!

Todd Vrancic

If you have any weapons in the house, everyone in the house should have some basic knowledge of how to use them.  Period.  End of report.

Todd Vrancic

Basic knowledge starts with weapon safety.

nonmember avatar Lord K

Good for the kid! Love to see the anti-gun commenters rant about this one!

Zamaria Zamaria

I agree with the author completely. Most gun accidents involving kids happen because the kids don't know how to properly handle guns. They should absolutely be taught, even if you don't have guns in your home. Other people do, and what would happen if your child was playing with a gun at a friend's house? I think all kids should have a basic understanding of gun safety from a young age.

butte... butterflyfreak

My daughter will be learning gun safety as she gets older. Right now, we have told her that it's dangerous and when she gets older, we'll show her how to use it. She's not even 5 yet but we believe in EDUCATION about gun safety to be crucial, and you can't educate your kid about something if you keep it hidden and taboo. My husband's family is almost all hunters and most of the kids learn how to handle and fire a gun long before they learn how to drive. Personally, I hate guns and don't want them in my house. But my husband is a correctional officer and would rather have a gun to protect if needed. Maybe he is just paranoid from all the stories he hears at his job but if it makes him feel better, I'm ok with it. Maybe one of these days I'll let him show me how to shoot. He has been after me for awhile to learn and I know I should, if only because we DO have a gun and if there's ever a need for it when he's not here, I should know how to use it.

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