‘Slutty Wednesday’ Teen Protestors Demand Right To Bare Arms, Boobs & Everything Else (VIDEO)

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slutty wednesday

When I first head the phrase "Slutty Wednesday," I thought maybe must have something to do with a strip club promotion or an epsidode of the Jersey Shore. I didn't expect it to be a protest put on by the smartest kids in New York City

But 100 students from Stuyvesant High, an elite public school not far from the World Trade area, hit the streets in risque outfits to rally against the school's dress code, which bans girls exposing their shoulders, midriffs, lower backs, bras and underwear.

The kids showed up in tank tops, booty-shorts, and minis. It was like a Forever 21 parade.

At first I thought this must be a lot like the bra burning protests of the 60s. Independent young women feeling oppressed and restricted by puritanical rules of society.

Then I thought, what parent would want their daughter to show off their bra in school. And why would she even want to. Half naked at the beach, I get. Half naked in the school cafeteria, not so much. Does exposing a midriff allow more oxygen to your brain for better test taking? Does wearing a sheer top help you power through calculus?

One 9th grader, who said she has been sent to the office 10 times for showing off too much cleavage, midriff or shoulder, told the New York Post:

“We work our asses off here, and school is about learning. Clothing is not important. Sometimes, the teachers will call you out in the hallway, [but] I like what I wear. I want to have my own style in school. A lot of the classrooms don’t have a/c’s and when it is 80 degrees outside and it is really hot, it’s perfectly OK to show a little skin.”

Oh please! The school isn't making them wear burkas. They can wear skirts as long as they extend beyond your finger tips when your arms are straight at your side. That's not even knee-length!

Boys in tanks came out to support the cause, saying that the administration's attempt to keep the girls covered was not only biased but also unfairly painted them as horndog teens who are distracted by all that skin on display. Okay? And? Is that really so off-base? Maybe teenage boys have changed since I was in high school.

As one girl giggled to Pix 11 News, "I don't know if we made the point we wanted to make, but we made a point."

Sure did. And it's that teens, even the super smart ones, are entirely too vapid and superficial.

Is the right to sport a strapless top at school really protest-worthy. They can't be so wrapped up in their little Gossip Girl-esque bubble that they have not noticed the wars, poverty and crime going in around the world. THIS is what they band together for.

Now I admire the organization, the tenacity and the gumption. But just imagine the impact they would have made if they chose to protest something ... well .... important.

 Check out a video of the protest here:

What do you think of the "Slutty Wednesday" protest?

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nonmember avatar LizzieBorden

I agree with the students, I spent a lot of time in trouble over "revealing" clothes in high school. The school focused more of my body than the teenage boys did, creepy! My clothing was a bigger deal than my body of work, which needed help too but apparently the school's concern rested with my body rather than helping out an obviously struggling student.

Sierr... SierraLynn

I think its the most pointless thing I've heard in a while. Are teenage girls really this shallow now a days?

Sierr... SierraLynn

I think the students are rediculous for doing this. It's a dress code, every school has them. Deal with it. A "protest" is just going to get people laughing at you for wasting time doing crap like this. There is no point to be made.

Torra... TorranceMom

What these girls don't seem to understand is that dressing like a "slut" does not make them mature, powerful or desirable. Dressing that way simply indicates a profound lack of self-esteem. These poor little girls don't believe they can attract and hold a man's attention without flashing their bodies like a damn neon sign. Here's a tip ladies - guys aren't going to wife up a "slut." The gals they bring home to meet their families keep it classy - not showing all the assy.

Lion731 Lion731

I find the lack of tank tops disturbing. I mean, since when are SHOULDERS considered sexy and have to be hidden away? There are nice ones that cover your bra straps and they should be allowed to wear them.

Flori... Floridamom96

Well, Torrance, when adult women don't get it how do you expect teenagers to?

nonmember avatar Alex

Just because there are wars and poverty going on in the world does not mean that their argument and protest is invalid or pointless. They are teenagers in high school, they are starting to form their own opinions and leader ship skills and even though their protest may seem pointless to older generations, they should not be made to feel silly for sharing an opinion with each other and forming a group to stand for something they believe is not fair.

Waag Waag

When I was in school I was always in trouble over dress code I'm super skinny and have long arms and legs so just about any shorts or skirt that fit me was too short by school standards and kids are made fun of for wearing geeky clothes so either your a social outcast or in trouble take your pic

Water... Water_geM

of all the things to protest for *headdesk*

i do get the boys point though..they are more than a penis with legs.

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