15-Year-Old Buried Alive By His Awesome Parents (VIDEO)

A 15-year-old aspiring magician in Tennessee wants exactly what I am about to give him. Teen Dalton Stout will spend the next 24 hours in a coffin with his mother's blessing. Despite strong urging from the community to abort the mission, the teen went forward with his plan yesterday at 3:30 p.m. in the hopes that he will get national exposure. He plans to exit on Saturday at 3:30 p.m.

For those counting, that is 48 hours. In a coffin. The sheriff urged the mother not to do it, but she said they would anyway.

Of course, it isn't all bad. His family will monitor his progress at all times through a sheet of Plexiglas and there are tubes bringing oxygen in and taking carbon dioxide out. He also has sugar tablets, food to eat, water to drink, fans to keep him cool, and his cellphone. See below:


Personally, as a mom, I think it's pretty cool that a 15-year-old has the courage and the creativity to think of this. Furthermore, I think it's really cool that his mother supports this endeavor. As she says:

He's done so much research, a lot of research, it's not a kid getting in a box. I want him to fulfill his dream of becoming a magician. There are other sports out there, there is motorcross, there is football, where if you put your children out on the field or anywhere, then they're risking their life also.

She is completely correct and anyone who thinks otherwise ought to examine the stats on pole vaulting and football injuries among other sports.

Kids do dangerous things. It's how they learn and become adults, and our job as adults is to make those scary things as safe as possible. It sounds like his mother is doing just that.

As a mom, I would WANT my child to try the things she or he dreams about and I kind of love the idea of a 15-year-old boy who could be into drugs or sex or skipping school being really into becoming a magician. This is the kind of kid I would WANT to support.

Though it's no shock that people are worried, he sounds pretty safe to me, and I say more power to his awesome family for keeping him safe and monitored while allowing him to pursue his dreams. Go Dalton!

Do you think this is wrong?

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