Kid's Marine Corps Bulldog T-Shirt Is Too Sexy for School Censors

bulldogOMG, y'all. You'll never guess what kids at a Mississippi school had to see this week! A sixth grader waltzed into school wearing a t-shirt that showed off the United States Marine Corps' bulldog's butt right down to his (barely there) dangling doggy genitalia.

Thank goodness the school administrators came a-running to protect those wee ones and their eyes. They told 13-year-old Jordan Griffith he needed to take the shirt his big brother gave him and turn it inside out. Because we can't just have little kids seeing something they can see in nature on a kid's t-shirt, can we?

Oh ... wait.



Hmmm. It looks like the folks at the South Jones Elementary forgot about what happens when their kids walk outside and see a real animal. Perhaps they'll send letters home to parents from here on out, forbidding any child from actually being in proximity to a real canine?

The teenager's mom is understandably a little P.O'd at her kid's school right now. Her elder son is serving in the United States Marine Corps, and she's calling the school's prudish behavior an attack on military spirit. I'm not so sure I'd go that far. I'm betting the shirt could have had any old bulldog on it, and the teen would have gotten the same lecture.

But I do think this is another sign of the "let's shelter our kids from everything" mentality that's so pervasive in America. This was not a naked man or woman. It was an animal! There is nothing sexual about a dog's penis, or a squirrel's for that matter. We all ignore them when we see them, and so -- more or less -- do our kids. If they ask, we tell them that's part of the dog's anatomy ... and move on.

By making something naturally on display so taboo, schools aren't protecting kids. They're making it exciting. They're turning the natural into the unnatural.

It wasn't the t-shirt makers or the teenager proud of his brother's service to our country who turned the symbol of the US Marine Corps into something dirty. It was the school administrators who decided it should shock kids. And what do you want to bet that now kids are noticing doggie genitalia in a town in Mississippi?

What do you think of this school and their reaction to the bulldog shirt?


Image via sabianmaggy/Flickr

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