Kid's Marine Corps Bulldog T-Shirt Is Too Sexy for School Censors

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bulldogOMG, y'all. You'll never guess what kids at a Mississippi school had to see this week! A sixth grader waltzed into school wearing a t-shirt that showed off the United States Marine Corps' bulldog's butt right down to his (barely there) dangling doggy genitalia.

Thank goodness the school administrators came a-running to protect those wee ones and their eyes. They told 13-year-old Jordan Griffith he needed to take the shirt his big brother gave him and turn it inside out. Because we can't just have little kids seeing something they can see in nature on a kid's t-shirt, can we?

Oh ... wait.


Hmmm. It looks like the folks at the South Jones Elementary forgot about what happens when their kids walk outside and see a real animal. Perhaps they'll send letters home to parents from here on out, forbidding any child from actually being in proximity to a real canine?

The teenager's mom is understandably a little P.O'd at her kid's school right now. Her elder son is serving in the United States Marine Corps, and she's calling the school's prudish behavior an attack on military spirit. I'm not so sure I'd go that far. I'm betting the shirt could have had any old bulldog on it, and the teen would have gotten the same lecture.

But I do think this is another sign of the "let's shelter our kids from everything" mentality that's so pervasive in America. This was not a naked man or woman. It was an animal! There is nothing sexual about a dog's penis, or a squirrel's for that matter. We all ignore them when we see them, and so -- more or less -- do our kids. If they ask, we tell them that's part of the dog's anatomy ... and move on.

By making something naturally on display so taboo, schools aren't protecting kids. They're making it exciting. They're turning the natural into the unnatural.

It wasn't the t-shirt makers or the teenager proud of his brother's service to our country who turned the symbol of the US Marine Corps into something dirty. It was the school administrators who decided it should shock kids. And what do you want to bet that now kids are noticing doggie genitalia in a town in Mississippi?

What do you think of this school and their reaction to the bulldog shirt?


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Mandago Mandago

I see horse penis every time I drive by a farm, but I wouldn't send a kid to school wearing a picture of one. You're being ridiculous.

Doomy234 Doomy234

Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. But schools have always had a problem with censoring the clothes that kids wear. Cant wear a Billabong hoodie cuz it's got the word "Bong" in it. Cant wear a plain black Guns N' Roses shirt because "Guns" is a dirty four letter word that promotes violence. I just wonder when schools will stop making everything out to be a perversion....

RaeAn... RaeAnne.USAF

Omg! I have a shirt like that (my brother is a Marine) and it's not noticeable at all unless you get all up in his business. Smh

Miche... Michelephant

It's not like the kid got suspended or was put in detention.  The school deemed the shirt inappropriate and asked him to turn it inside out.  This was the perfect reaction to the situation, just because the shirt is a marine corps shirt doesn't mean it can't violate dress code.  Give the kid another shirt sans animal penis and continue to support the military. 

dirti... dirtiekittie

@mandago - i disagree with you. you're comparing a shirt with a penis to the shirt that shows (just a little) doggy balls. i think there's a difference. i mean, come on! what about kids who take ag classes, or they do farming? oh gosh, they see pig, horse and cow genitalia...

i agree with jeanne on this one, this is utterly ridiculous. if i took my kid to the park, they'd see a lot more than just a little outline of the dogs' genitalia. and also - who cares?! it blows my mind that school administrators get on to these kids for "disruptive behavior"... but i think pulling the kid out of class and making the spectacle out of his shirt was FAR more disruptive than him sitting in his classroom... :/

nonmember avatar HappyDad

This is where the over sensitive liberal namby pamby thought police has driven us. Can't have anything that might be 'offensive' to the poor little dears, but we can sure as heck pollute their young minds with every kind of whack job idea from these crack pot teachers.

KWnav... KWnavywife

I'm sorry but thats a tad rediculous. There is nothing wrong with that shirt.

miche... micheledo

I don't have a problem with the shirt, but I do have a problem with the bloggers reasoning.  Just because something is in nature and can be seen by any child in nature, doesn't mean it is appropriate on a shirt worn at school.  IMO, the school went a bit overboard, but whatever, the school has every right to place rules on what is acceptable to wear.

nonmember avatar Leisa

Seriously this isn't as far as disrespect for the military its exactly what most people would have a problem with...being overly paranoid about kids being exposed to NATURAL/NORMAL non-threatening things and making kids more curious by restricting them especially when its just a dog his barely there balls and butt... Are they going to kick kids outta school if their parents are dog breeders and that child may "poison the minds of his classmates" bahaha this is absolutely too far. Yes, kids need to be protected from things as they cannot tell the difference of right from wrong all the time but if parents and teachers take the time to explain these "now considered Taboo" things they would honestly lose interest...heck the only way my toddler cares to play with his actual toys instead of my stuff is if I try to keep his toys put up lol. Its the same mindset the less they know the more they're curious... There is such a thing as overbearing and by looking at the rates (ever climbing) in young adult crimes, and behaving badly in general, doesn't look like being overbearing is working...

Jeanette Boyd Anglikowski

ok - I support them military. but I can do so without words or pics that may offend people. I support free speech also, but it doesn't mean I want to see profanities on people's t-shirts. Maybe people are missing the possibility that this is such a great school that administration has time to worry about inappropriate tshirts rather than drugs & violence.

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