13-Year-Old Girl Actually Allows Dad to Dance at Her Bat Mitzvah (VIDEO)

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bat mitzvah dadYou know how most 13-year-old kids are mortified by their parents' very existence? Like, don't make eye contact with me in public mortified? You can't be my mom I must have hatched out of an egg mortified?

That's what makes this video of Mike Hanley and his 13-year-old daughter Jessica dancing at her Bat Mitzvah so incredibly cool.

Not only is Jessica allowing her father to do a choreographed dance routine in front of who-knows-how-many family members and friends (and maybe cute boys), she's actually dancing with him. Voluntarily. And she looks happy about it!

Apparently Mike is a stand-up comedian, which must mean that his kids are used to him being kind of fun-loving and goofy and whaddya mean, I look silly? Who cares?

I absolutely love the message this video sends -- be comfortable with yourself and your kid will be comfortable with you (and probably herself, too).

She'll also have the best Bat Mitzvah memories ever.

Would you do a public dance routine like this with your kid?

Image via Today.com

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nonmember avatar hrl

How sweet! I hope my daughter and husband do fun things like this someday.

poshkat poshkat

That's awesome!! All my friends were super embarrassed to have mother son dances at their bar mitzva's. I think I attended 6 or 7 in a 6 month period.

jessi... jessicasmom1

awesome how close they are

MomLi... MomLily67

I was never embarrased by my dad, he could have farted in public and I could not be embarrased a bit.

Debra Penoyer VanSandt

I was rarely embarassed by my father. He was a good dancer, for one; plus, he looked much younger than his biological age and he was handsome, as well. He came to my high school to pick me up from an after-school activity once and we walked down the halls and out the door arm in arm, then I had several people ask the next day if he was my boyfriend. I thought that was funny, and their expressions, when I explained, were priceless. So, would I have danced with my father? You betcha!

chave... chavela_carlita

He must be an awesome dad! I love stories like this that are encouraging.

Joan Neville Buffa

nice but not worthy of public view, should be on a family video, that's what made it look dumb to me

Marissa Beyes

I think that it is great that this video is out there for other kids to see. Even if it helps one little girl be closer to her father, it's worth it.

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