Teacher Shames Kids Who Misbehave With Dog Collars

dog coneI have a theory about teachers. Some people get into it because they truly love the job and are made to mold young minds. And then there are teachers like the so-called "educator" who is facing dismissal from her post for forcing misbehaving students to wear Elizabethan dog collars when they misbehave.

Physical science teacher Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp may lose her job for allegedly treating kids like dogs. Let's only hope. Because teachers like her put a pall on the whole profession.

We all want teachers who hold our kids' noses to the grindstone, because they get results. I know I learned a lot more from the teacher who had a militancy in his social studies classroom to the teacher who was flighty and floaty in her (subject shall remain nameless lest she navigate the interwebs) class.

But there are "strict" teachers. Then there are teachers who make school so horrific that our kids turn in the other direction. And what happened at Zephyrhills High School in Florida sounds like the kind of thing that would make a kid wake up in the morning and pitch a hissy over having to go to school. When they would misbehave in the classroom, Bailey-Cutkomp would allegedly force kids to wear that cone that vets use to prevent animals from licking themselves after surgery. They weren't just shamed. They were, quite literally, treated like animals. 

I'm all for disciplining teenagers who think they're all that and a bag of potato chips. But there's disciplining, and then there is making a kid feel like she's less of a human being. Do that to my kid, and as much as I'd hate to defend her poor behavior, I would be mad. Because there ARE better ways to discipline. More homework assignments. After-school detention. Forced to clean the science lab. Really, you can punish kids and still retain their humanity.

So what did kids learn here? Their peers learned it's OK to treat someone like a dog. Gee, and we wonder why kids bully one another? And the kids themselves learned that humiliation is considered "OK" in a place that's supposed to be safe. Nice way to make sure victims buy into the victim mentality.

I put my kid in a classroom to be taught, whether that means being educated on science or on morals and ethics. I'm OK with my kid being disciplined when she's screwing up. But even then, I expect her to be treated like a human being.

What would you do if your child was put in this situation?


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nonmember avatar Lord K

"I'm all for disciplining teenagers who think they're all that and a bag of potato chips."

No you're not! All your ramblings prove you want to coddle kids and teens who misbehave. So for, you've opposed nearly every method of discipline and the few you suppport actually enable and encourage bad behavior. I'm all for what this teacher did. Public shame is a very effective method, especially among image-conscious teens.

Mommy... Mommy2justone

I would be pulling my child out of that school the second I heard of this. I am sorry, degrading and humiliating people to get your way (Yes this is what the teacher did) is the least helpful thing she could have done. And what does this teach to those children who she did this to? To humiliate people around you into getting what you want? How are they going to treat their children when they are adults? Sorry this is WRONG.
I hope she looses her job and can't teach again.

tnyangel tnyangel

I should have a strong reaction to this. I should. I'm not sure my reaction is what I want it to be. Maybe because my son is grown and I don't worry about this stuff on a daily basis anymore. There are so few "punishments" that are acceptable now that kids who know getting their names on the board with 3 check marks (making it the 4th time they disrupted their class) will only get them detention anyway, so they don't really care too much.

So, ladies, what CAN a teacher do to cause students to obey and the class to be successful? I think I'd tell my son that disrupting class is not acceptable and stand by the teacher. At least that's what I hope I would have done.

the4m... the4mutts

I don't think that actual dicipline is a teachers job once the stuents are older than, maybe 6.

Call home, detention, suspend, expell. It's not a teachers place to dicipline past telling kids to sit down, and shut up, or they're getting detention/referral/whatever.

I would be pissed if a teacher did this to my kid. Mostly because if my kid acted in a way that warranted a call home, I would not only spank that kids butt, but I would *and have!* make my child buy and apoligy card, and write a thought out apoligy to that teacher.

If parents would actually PARENT their kids, teachers wouldn't have to worry about dicipline.

Btw- not an excuse for THIS teacher, she'd be lucky to still have an ass to sit on, much less a job, if this were my kid she humiliated

the4m... the4mutts

Jesus... how did my PHONE spell apology wrong?

navyw... navywife0204

Gives new meaning to the 'cone of shame'... seriously though, I had to put one on my cat after minor eye surgery, and I felt horrible about it. I'd be PISSED if a teacher put one on my kids!

KDT7688 KDT7688

Give me a break... did any of you actually see or hear the ACTUAL news report?... NONE of these students were humiliated... felt humiliated...
The "cone of shame" was not attached to anyone... it was held out to a student and said to a student who was eating Fritos that if she didn't put them away, she could either sit in the back or wear the "silly Cone... the student laughed... the teach held it for about 4 seconds... everyone laughed...

Another student got his panties in a wad and said something to his mother or whatever, it was blown out of proportion... like all of you are doing...
Educate yourselves on a newstory... cafemom ALWAYS posts these ridiculous bits of fluff just to get a bunch of drama filled reactions in posts...

I wonder why I bother...

fredd... freddiey03

Sorry KDT7688, I'd still be pissed. Pick a different way to punish them, that is just wrong to even threaten, because if you threaten you have to follow through. And I probably wouldn't give a damn as to why the teacher thought that was ok to do, so much as the teacher is 47, by that age you know better. 

Chris Gonzales

haha... my kids would never be in that situation because my kids KNEW BETTER than to misbehave in school and IF they did, dealing with me was MUCH WORST than anything anyone else would hand out.

I have GREAT grown children now who hold down responsible jobs, are honest and have earned the respect from those they are surrounded by!!

Some parents (and the writer of this article is one) are too lenient with kids and those kids turn out to be brats and unethical adults.

jessi... jessicasmom1

what the heck , my child would be pulled out of that school in a heatbeat

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