High Schooler Throws 'Porn Prom' for His Friends

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prom corsageFor awhile there, it was looking like the Minnesota teenager who'd convinced a porn star to join him at prom would have to cancel his dream date. Mike Stone's high school principal was not about to let a woman from the, ahem, adult film industry into her school. But don't waste one more minute feeling bad for the kid!

When a date with a bootylicious babe is at stake, 18-year-old boys are nothing if not inventive. Mike Stone is throwing his OWN "porn prom" at his house. Good for him.

Listen; I'm not entirely crazy about the whole teenage boy inviting a porn star to prom thing. It's not so much the whole "teenage boy watches porn" thing because, if it's not porn, it's mom's Victoria's Secret catalog. It's what teenage boys do! But the fact that Mike sent messages to 400-some women screams "objectifying" women. I'd like to think someone will sit him down and have a good heart-to-heart about placing value on a woman for more than her looks. That's what I'd do if he were my son.

But apparently Mike's parents are doing something right. They're raising a kid who doesn't just sit around whining that someone told him "no." He does something about it. It's a nice change from the raft of crybabies whose parents enable them by running to the court system to sue anyone who looks at their kid cross-eyed. At the risk of sounding like a cliche factory, I'd much prefer to be raising a kid who is able to roll with the punches and come out on the other side, standing tall and on their own two feet.

And despite the slightly crass name, the Porn Prom doesn't sound that much different from what kids who aren't into the whole "prom thing" have been doing for years. Mike Stone and a whole bunch of his friends are going to get together and have a good time. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

What would you do if you were Mike Stone's parents? Support his Porn Prom or shut it down?


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Felip... FelipesMom

That's awesome! I don't know the story about the porn star being his date, but I don't think any school should bam a person from their prom just for being a sex worker, and I LOVE how this guy is responding! I hope everyone at the school ditched the "real" prom and attends his instead :o)

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I have no faults with Porn actors and what they do for a living. Hey..they're working and supporting our economy just like any other working person. But I do think that this boy just wanted attention and any woman who would add to this skeevy teenager's attention would really just be objectifying herself. Like a boy would invite a PORN STAR to his prom for the conversation.....right.

vanes... vanessa5470

...lol...Just for being a sex worker?

Hey, let's allow some ballsy kid bring in some woman who get fucked, recorded, and sold via media into a school with impressionable teens. What could possibly go wrong???

::rolls eyes::

Mrscj... Mrscjones

@Vanessa you do realize just about everybody at prom are 18 which means they're grown. Parents need to realize eventually you have to cut the apron strings.

the4m... the4mutts

My sons can beat off to whatever they want in teen years, and screw whoever they want when they're out of my house.

But don't think for 2 seconds that I WANT to know who my 18yr old is banging/beating off to!

Common now... That's disgusting. May as well be like hey mom! Meet vanessa! I saw her on live cam and spanked my monkey while I watched her!

People have sex, I know. But it is disrespectful to his parents *assuming they aren't freaks* to be flaunting the object of his personal gratification sessions around their house. Gross.

the4m... the4mutts

Oh, and to be clear, I will want to meet my childrens ACTUAL girlfriends/boyfriends, and have open conversations about sexuality with them. I do not need to know....this...kind of thing though.

vanes... vanessa5470

Lol, what a joke. Yes, everyone at a prom is 18, a full intellectual who makes responsible, well-thought decisions.

Like wanting to bring a porn star (obviously advertised it so he can be perceived as a "cool kid") into a SCHOOL.

Seriously, a school???? Are you people missing the point? Hey, maybe another one of his friends could one up him and try bringing in a prostitute.....wait...maybe her pimp might get jealous. hmmmm....perhaps they can combine parties at the first mature 18 year olds mom's house and have a wholesome orgy? Sans the taffeta dresses and corsages?

I'm sure this 18 yo cares soooo much about the lovely lady that he wanted to show her a wonderful night at his high school prom. The principal made such a wrong, hateful choice by not allowing this adult to bring in his loving partner to prom. /sarcasm

nonmember avatar Lord K

LOL @ Vanessa. I bet you were the downer in any group, the joy-sucker who takes all the fun out of anything. Party pooper grand master.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

If she was a prostitute you wouldn't have known.

Monamou Monamou

A lot of proms arent held on school property. Porn is legal regardless. If she meets the age requirements they have no right to ban her. That bn said my son and i would be having a discussion..ew.

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