High Schooler Makes Prom Dress Pop With 5,000 Soda Can Tabs (VIDEO)

Soda Tab Prom DressEvery year that goes by, the outrageous prom stories leave me that much more terrified of the day my daughter wants to go to the big dance. This year's announcement that parents are blowing as much as $2,000 almost sent me into hysterics. I didn't spend that much on my wedding! And if you're anything like me, you could use a bit of happy prom news in the midst of the madness. Enter the soda tab prom dress.

It's high school junior Regan Kerr's answer to the duct tape dress of a few years back. And it's a very welcome reminder that there are still teenagers out there who realize this is one night to have FUN.


Remember that word? Back before girls were going all Veruca Salt on their parents because they won't go into debt so they can wear Chanel to a high school dance? If you're having a hard time seeing that era because of the glare off the 15-year-old's diamond tiara, maybe Regan's adorable adventure will help.

The Colorado teenager spent five months sewing 5,114 of those little bits of metal together (don't worry; she collected the tabs from friends and family over the course of two years ... her parents didn't let her drink all that soda). The result was a lot of silver, with a bit of rainbow edging. And a high school girl grinning ear to ear, talking about the blast she was going to have dancing the night away. That is exactly what I want for my daughter if she decides to go to the prom.

I think Regan might have even done the impossible: made me a bit nostalgic for high school (hey, I said a bit). I don't remember my prom by what I wore or the amount my parents spent. I remember the people I hung with, and the happiness of just being with friends for a night.

Check out Regan rocking that soda tab dress:

What is your favorite prom memory?


Image via WTSP

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