College Kids Strip for Charity & Make Their Parents Proud

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undie runParents who send their kids to Arizona State University may be hiding out today and hoping their friends and neighbors don't turn on the television. This is the week, after all, of the ASU Undie Run, when several thousand college students strip down to their skivvies and run around campus like hooligans. But how about we give those Moms and Dads a break and tell them to come out, with their heads held high? Their kids did a good thing here!

The kids who took part in this year's run collected more than 5,000 pounds of clothes and 3,000 pounds of food for charities near the college. Not too shabby, huh? Especially in this economy?

OK, so there is the whole naked teenagers thing. But let's talk about that, shall we?

I'm not big on people seeing me in my undies. And I'd like to think that my daughter will have the same basic sense of modesty. But I'll admit a portion of the aforementioned discomfort is tied directly to my self esteem. I don't like my body. Therefore I don't like people seeing a whole lot of it. That's definitely not the way I want my daughter to feel. I want her to love every bit of herself.

But stripping to her undies for a good cause? Well, oh pearl clutchers, I have to admit, I'm not as upset as those who tried to get the ASU Undie Run cancelled this year. And the reason is pretty simple.

Have you looked at underwear lately? It may be taboo, but it doesn't actually reveal anymore than your typical beachwear. No one is naked. This isn't Girls Gone Wild. If we have no problem with our kids wearing the occasional bikini (in appropriate places, i.e., not in class) than what's so bad about one day on a college campus? And if they do it for charity, all the better. I highly doubt your daughter sends food to charity ever time she puts on a bikini to hit the waves!

What would you say if your child was stripping down to underwear for a good cause?


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Fondue Fondue

The photo gives the false impression that we need hats and gloves to run in our undies in AZ--we don't.   :)

the4m... the4mutts

When I was 18, and a stripper, we did a benefit at a golf course. The private course donates money every year, and we wanted to help. So we had 2 girls at every golf hole, doing body shots, serving drinks naked, playing topless caddy, etc.

We got tipped by the golfers, and all of us donated 1/2 our tips to the charity.

I personally donated over $1,000. So I also took home over $1,000. It was a very successful event!

I wouldn't be ashamed if my kids did something similar as long as they were over 18.

Shannon Dee Bailey

If they were  dressed like the ones in the photo you have here it wouldn't bother me at all <3


Forev... ForeverInLove

Well, I wouldn't personally do it... but I'd support anyone who wanted to! I'm just pretty sure that no one would want to see my fat ass flopping around the streets! lol. I can't run anyways... hurts too much. 
Kudos to the kids collecting items for great causes! 

Erin Butcher

Personally, I would be proud of my kid for taking part in something like this!  Like the story says, people play on the beach in virtually the same outfit so what difference is it?  I say if they want to do then no one should stop them, especially since it is for a good cause!

Amanda Johnson

The term "college kid" is an oxymoron. Typically, if you are in college you are at least 18, an adult. Personally, I have a hard time calling high school seniors "kids". They are adults and should be ready to live as such.

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