Girl Banned From Prom For Wearing 'Cool' Confederate Flag Dress (VIDEO)

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confederate flag prom dressTexanna Edwards, a senior at Gibson County High School in Dyer, Tennessee, took “inappropriate prom dress” to the next level when she showed up at her prom wearing a prom dress with a Confederate flag design along with a rebel flag necklace.

I don’t really agree with censoring people’s clothing, as it’s an extension of their freedom of speech. (Thank God we live in a country where they have choices). But should teen girls be dressing provocatively, especially on a night when teen hormones are known for being heightened?

And now, it appears, we have to worry not only about our girls being dressed too provocatively but whether or not their prom dress is making some kind of political statement -- one that they might  be not old enough to understand.

I’m not sure if Texanna Edwards was trying to make the statement that she supports the Confederacy or if she is trying to say that kids today have evolved so far passed racism and segregation that it doesn't mean anything. Either way, I think this reminds us that we need to talk to our children.

We need to talk to our girls about their dress choices. We need to be involved in the selection process. Parents are paying for the dresses; they should have some idea what their children are wearing to prom. I think there should be a talk about prom in general, our teens need to know that you can go and have a great time and dress up and have a magical night without revealing too much or offending some of your fellow students.

There is something worse than wearing a provocative dress like starting a racially charged episode at prom or worse wearing a dress that could possibly get a girl beat up. Bottom line, we need an open dialogue with our children so that they can come to us about anything and we can talk to them about any of our concerns without a complete shut down.

What do you think of Texanna Edwards’ choice to wear a Confederate flag inspired prom dress?

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nonmember avatar a

Her parents named her Texanna. I'm sure she is from a long line of rednecks.

jalaz77 jalaz77

a-I was thinking the same thing!

nonmember avatar Chrissy

She should have been allowed to wear it.

starl... starlight1968

You can see by her name her family has PRIDE in their country/state/heritage...She just needed to have a little decorum in how she went about it.  If we didn't have such a huge media wave over it the whole thing would have been dealt w/quietly the way it should have been.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

Crime against fashion for sure. And probably offensive to a lot of people.

Beverly Grimes

I'm from the same area. She was told months ago she couldn't wear the dress. She wore it anyway.

Judith K Littles

Too many people think that it's a great thing to celebrate racism and all of the other horrible thing that flag stands for, I'm glad she couldn't wear it. If she had wanted to wear a dress with swastikas she would not have been allowed this is not different.

momav... momavanessa

Well if she was told 2 months ago not to wear it. I can understand why she was banned. At the same time I don't understand why they didn't want her to wear it if students are allowed to wear shirts and belt bucks with the flag on it.  Well at least she got to go to last years prom!!

nursemc nursemc

I'm so sick of white trash rednecks using "freedom" to promote racism. You can't yell fire in a movie theatre because it incites panic and you can't yell I hate blacks at prom because it incites panic and violence which is exactly what that dress was yelling. How racist is this girl and the parent who made/paid for the dress that they couldn't even enjoy the prom without making a statement? She should have just worn a camoflauge prom dress like I'm sure half the other girls in her school did. Then it could have doubled as a wedding dress. Yeehaw.

nonmember avatar Dani

Growing up in a small town in tn, I would bet she wore it to be cool. rebel flags are cool here because people look past the fact that tn was a neutral state during the civil war, and claim the confederacy is part of their heritage. the outfit most girls wore when I was in school was jeans and dixie outfitters tee shirts. the town I live in highschool mascot is "the rebals" the school used to fly confederate flags on game days, they don't now, but the kids still do from there trucks while they drive down the road. Not car flags either full sized flags. The funny thing about it, when the school was first opened it was a school for training black teachers to teach at black schools when things were still segregated.

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