Parents Sue School for Kicking Their Son Out of Class for Cheating

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homeworkI'm beginning to wonder if parents actually think making excuses for their kids' bad behavior is "parenting." Take the high school sophomore in California who was kicked out of honors English last month for copying a classmate's homework. Are his parents embarrassed that their kid was caught cheating?

Of course they're not! They're suing the school district, because, golly gee, it's just soooo not fair! Who wants to lay bets right now on how many colleges this kid ends up getting kicked out of because no one bothered teaching him that rules are rules?

Of course Jack Berghouse told the Mercury News that despite an Academic Honesty Pledge that both his son and the boy's mother signed that warned cheating will get you kicked out of class, they're suing because the punishment doesn't fit the crime. They're afraid this will screw up their son's future:

You cannot imagine the mental and emotional penalty that has been inflicted upon him. He is a student who has a chance to do just about anything, and he thinks that this could take that away from him. We've offered several penalties, anything other than being kicked out of the English program.

Wow, now he thinks that a punishment for doing something wrong could take away future chances? He didn't think that when he copied another kid's work? Even though kids are taught way back in elementary school that cheating is wrong? Sounds like someone forgot to teach their child the concept of consequences for one's actions ... and here they go again!

We are seeing this kind of parenting by denial more and more these days (did you hear about the parents who are currently suing Apple because their kids spent too much money on iPad games?), and I have to tell you it doesn't exactly give me a whole lot of hope for our future. Imagine walking into the dry cleaner next week and finding out the idiot behind the counter actually set your favorite sweater on fire ... and now he's suing you, because, well, you were the meanie who brought your sweater into the dry cleaner, and now he's suffering from some kind of flashback over the fire. If kids are being raised to blame everyone else for their problems, that could be our future!

And if you don't think it's gotten that bad, consider this: if our parents had caught us cheating, we would have been grounded for the rest of the year. They would have made it very clear that we should be ashamed of ourselves for such poor behavior. But these parents aren't even embarrassed that their kid did something wrong; they're telling the world ... and suing to boot.

What would you do if this was your child who was caught cheating?


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jrphelps jrphelps

What is this world coming to?  People are too lawsuit happy

femal... femaleMIKE

My opinion is that this honors program is his parents dream. They are living through their son.

nonmember avatar Brittany

I was "caught cheating" during a test in high school. I was actually just whispering to a friend during the test because we were both finished, we didn't know how to shut up, and we had a sub (which every student knows means no rules, right?? lol). Well, the sub was convinced we were cheating, our butts got dragged to the principal's office, our parents were called, and we got zeros on the test. And then, when I got home, I was grounded until kingdom come. And you know what? It was embarrassing. And it could have had some serious implications on my ability to get into a good college. But it was fair, because even though we weren't cheating, our sub had no way of knowing that, and it did appear as though we were. And I turned out just fine- probably better- because I learned that all of my actions have consequences.

MeAnd... MeAndTommyLee

And these are the types of parents that raise obnoxious children who feel an entitlement to EVERYTHING.  Kids that grow into self-centered adults with low-morals and everything that goes wrong is anyone elses fault but their own.

Melis... Melissa042807

What gets me too is the parents offered alternative penalties. I'm sorry, but in the real world, when you screw up you don't get to choose your own consequences. Consequences are consequences. Period. Suck it up, people. 

And isn't it amazing how parents forget what they signed at the beginning of the year? Or they just didn't read it. I ran into that a lot working in the school system. Made. Me. CRAZY. I will never work in the school system again. The parents are just too psycho. 

Saphr... SaphronScribble

There's no way they can win this case, it would set a HORRIBLE precedent. They are going to get laughed out of the courts! (Hopefully...) Also, they're probably making it even harder for him to get into college now, b/c what happens when Harvard and Yale get his application? All they'd need to do is Google his name to see "Cheating Kid Sues School"...I'm sure the Ivy Leauve would LOVE to have not only a cheater, but also one who is so sue-happy! Ha!

MeAnd... MeAndTommyLee

Son, it's okay you cheated...the problem is you got caught.  But don't worry, we will take care of it. 

nonmember avatar kaerae

Think about this the next time you lie about your kids' ages to get them into the movies or theme park cheaper and they hear you, or when you park in a handicapped space or on the sidewalk "just for a minute," or when you eat grapes at the market before paying. So many parents say "We didn't raise our kid to be a cheater" Um, did!

navyw... navywife0204

I had better not hear of my girls cheating!!  Not only will they have to deal with the school's consequences, they will have to come home and deal with mine... and they won't be happy for a long time!


mande... manderspanders

This article is right on target. Personal accountability and responsibility are going the way of the dinosaurs.

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