Dad Saves Son Declared 'Brain Dead' By 4 Different Doctors

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life supportWhen Steven Thorpe was 17 years old, he was involved in a devastating car accident that left him lying in a hospital bed in a coma, surviving merely on life support. His injuries from the accident were so severe that four different doctors actually declared him brain dead -- and his parents were told to start thinking about donating his organs and letting go of their son forever.

But Steven's father had a gut feeling that somewhere inside his lifeless body, his son was still there. And that's why he insisted on getting another opinion and having his son checked out one more time -- just before he was about to be taken off life support. What happened next was a true miracle.

A neurologist came in to look at Steven one last time and determined that he did have some faint brain wave activity going on. At that point, he was brought out of his coma to see if he could survive on his own. Miraculously he did. He was discharged from the hospital just five weeks later after making a startling recovery. Though he faced multiple surgeries to repair the damage he sustained to his face in the accident, Steven is now a thriving 21-year-old with his whole future ahead of him.

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Wow. Can you even imagine the thoughts that must go through his parents' heads after seeing their son come back from the brink of death? If they hadn't trusted their gut instincts and spoken up to doctors, he would not be here today. And they probably would've spent every single moment for the rest of their lives regretting the fact that they didn't have the courage to insist on having him re-checked. Intuition is a powerful thing, and obviously feeling it isn't limited solely to moms! Steven's father proves that dads are just as tuned in and connected to their children as mothers are.

So often as parents, we get those funny feelings inside of us that we can't ignore -- like we know something just isn't right. But sometimes it can be so hard to trust our inner voice, and we wind up second guessing ourselves and trying to silence it. And I've learned that any time I ignore one of those intense gut feelings, all hell breaks loose.

Just a few weeks ago, my son had a tiny cough, and I debated over whether or not to leave him with my parents and go to New York City for the night. Even though my gut was telling me to just stay home, I wound up going -- and had to turn right back around and come home because he got worse and spiked a high fever. I felt so horrible for not listening to my intuition -- and it was such an important reminder for me to trust my feelings from here on out.

And after hearing Steven Thorpe's story, I'm even more convinced that parents are given those instincts for a reason. Sometimes they're our best (and only) defense against a potential tragedy.

Do you always listen to your gut?


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femal... femaleMIKE

The inner voice we hear is the Holy Spirit speaking to us. 

I apologize for offending anyone with my very strong beliefs. 

Amand... AmandaSnyder

The family was blessed to get there son back.  And yes i do believe God gives us the ability to know for sure what our kids need and want.

Smerk... Smerkalot

agree with femaleMIKE

Tina Morley

I mentioned previously that Amanda had been sick. I was so excited about your post that I shared it on FB, Twitter, and Google+. On March 17, I wrote something on this same topic. Here is part of that blog post: "When your child is sick, it’s often difficult to know what’s wrong and if you need to take him/her to the doctor. If you do take your child to the doctor, the doctor will decide what the problem is, but there is room for error even with all the learning and years of experience that your doctor will have had. At the end of the day, you know your child and you must go with your gut feeling..." from

SanBr... SanBrunoMom32

For many of us who believe in the power of God and in His healing grace, it is called discernment.  

Linda Bradshaw Hirter

femaleMIKE...No need to apologize !  You are right on with your comment ! We live in the USA where freedom of speech is our right !

Kellye Morrissette

I agree. There has been times when Ive ignored my instincts just to have my world turned upside down. But that could be for anything, not just parenting. I find that I listen to them more now that I'm a mother, but way too often in my youth do I remember that split second where you realize, "Oh man, I knew I shouldn't have done that". I believe that God created us in an image that we will never fully understand. Of coarse, a lot of people would associate that to our primitive basic instinct for survival. However, compassion for another's life is not a primitive instinct, so when your gut responds to another person, you have to realize that there is just way too much that we don't understand about ourselves.

Rachel Humphrey

I have learned this too. My daughter i believe had migrains but she takes it one step further than mine. She gets a headache and if it's not taken care of her temp. spikes and she throws up. Everytime. I've gotten where I carry Motrin with me where ever I go. My son now has tubes in his ears and can hear but I'm still wondering about development and we're looking into it. So honestly I hope I'm wrong this time because I don't want him to struggle.

Kellye Morrissette

femaleMike..... I agree, don't apologize for speaking about your faith. Freedom of speech or not, we all have to answer for our lives on earth one day. I for one would rather speak of my faith for fear on condemnation from earth rather than not speak it and be condemned by the man upstairs. God Bless. ;-)

Christina Kusch

Amen femaleMike! Children are a blessing from God and our gut instincts when it comes to them are HIM providing for their needs!

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