George Zimmerman Charged & a Mother's Prayers Are Answered (VIDEO)

Sybrina FultonTonight the parents of Trayvon Martin have had their prayers answered. Their boy's killer, George Zimmerman, has been charged with second-degree murder, and Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton let out a huge Amen along with much of the nation.

In an emotional press conference from Washington, D.C., Fulton spoke with great emotion and impressive faith first thanking God for Zimmerman's arrest: "We wanted nothing more, nothing less than an arrest and we got it. And I say: Thank you. Thank you, Lord; thank you, Jesus.”

As a mother, it's amazing to me that she's able to be thankful for anything at this point.

I live in gated community in Florida less than 10 miles from where Martin was shot, and this case has haunted me. While the race and legal issues have swam in my head as they have consumed our country, more than anything, I can't stop thinking about how Trayvon's family can possibly manage to go on after his death with as much strength as they have.

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In a petition on calling for Zimmerman's prosecution (which got more than 2.2 million signatures), his parents issued a statement titled "Why This is Important." In it was a brief story they shared that has stuck with me, and I recall each time there's a development in the case -- especially tonight. His parents wrote:

When Trayvon was just nine, he ran into a burning house to save his father's life. He may be gone, but he is still our hero.

I picture this story having been told countless time over the years, as the family recounted their son's heroics at family gatherings and to perhaps a random stranger while standing in a long line somewhere. I imagine the big dreams they had for their boy, how they planned for his future, and how they never even got a chance to say goodbye. Because in a moment -- in an innocent walk back from a convenience store for some Skittles -- he was gone. Just like that.

While their prayers about Zimmerman's arrest were answered, what about all of those they surely said for their son over the years for his healthy and happy future? How can anyone accept that there is any good in the heavens when something like that can happen? Well, that's where faith comes in, and Fulton is an incredible example of not wavering in hers. It's situations like this in which I don't know how any parents can survive without some sort of faith, and that make me question if I would have enough.

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Fulton has also shown an amazing amount of compassion for her son's killer that is the ultimate example of what religion should be about. When asked what she would say to Zimmerman, she told The Associated Press:

I would probably give him an opportunity to apologize. I would probably ask him if there were another way that he could have settled the confrontation that he had with Trayvon, other than the way it ended, with Trayvon being shot.

I hope that faith and comfort they find in God continues to carry Trayvon's parents through the rest of this ordeal, because while Zimmerman's arrest is good news, it's just the beginning.

As Martin said, there's still a need for conviction and strong sentencing ahead. This is just the first step in a long journey to justice, but hopefully it will be served swiftly. Only then we can all offer a final, bittersweet Hallelujah.

Are you inspired by Sybrina Fulton's faith? Has your faith ever gotten you through a difficult time?


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nonmember avatar txrs

Total BS! Hope he is acquitted!

shotg... shotgunhomicide

This is honestly garbage journalism. You're sensationalizing a story and making Trayvon a "martyr" against a landscape of white people. Yes, I know Zimmerman is Hispanic, but you along with the rest of the media has done a serious injustice to this case by displaying Martin as a saint when all the facts aren't in. If Martin indeed did attack Zimmerman, it was self defense no matter how you slice it. You're tainting the jury pool and making a complete ass out of yourself for wanting to burn Zimmerman at the stake before he has even had his date in court. You should be ashamed of yourself. As should the rest of the mainstream media and pathetic bloggers that have turned this into a race war.

Vanla... Vanlatte66

Amen Shotgun!!  The Martin camp and the media would have people believe that Zimmerman saw a black kid walking around his neighborhood and just ran out and shot him.  That's BS!  And he was no angel, suspended from school multiple times, including for possession of drugs, come on!!  There is absolutely no evidence that shows that Zimmerman acted racially or that he was NOT acting in self defense.  The only reason Zimmerman is in jail is because Martin is black and he is not.  If they were both the same race, this would probably never even make the news!  Listen to the evidence, NOT the noise!!!

amber... amberdotsmom

The self-defense excuse falls apart though if Zimmerman went after Trayvon.  It doesn't matter if either of them had an honest or dishonest past; if they were walking down the street and Trayvon attacked Zimmerman or Zimmerman tried to stop Trayvon from doing something criminal and there was a struggle then he could probably make the case for self-defense.

If though Trayvon wasn't doing anything noticably bad and Zimmerman followed him (against 911 operator instructions) and engaged him then self-defense on Zimmermans side goes out the window.  In fact it's probably possible for prosecutors to argue that, at that point, it was Trayvon who was standing his ground.  You can't go after another person on purpose and then when that person defends themselves try to claim it was you who was acting in self-defense.  It all comes down to whether he provoked the incident or not.

fraoch fraoch

I think the prosecution is setting themselves up to fail so that he gets off, personally. They never should have went for 2nd degree murder and instead for manslaughter.

Kritika Kritika

Manslaughter would be an accidental death. This wasn't accidental so they couldn't charge him with that.

omgitsjo omgitsjo

I don't think anybody is trying to make Trayvon out to be perfect; he wasn't. Just because the author mentioned something that Trayvon did that was good, she's trying to make him a martyr? This article was, at the root, about his mother's faith. And I agree that she is showing a great deal of grace.

And honestly, if he is found not guilty after all of the evidence is presented, then so be it. I am just glad that he is going to stand trial.

KWnav... KWnavywife

People forget that he has yet to be tried AND convicted in a court of law. I'm betting he walks. Its taken them this long to charge him, and I personally believe they only reason they did it was to shut people up.

pjbarbie pjbarbie

Why has everyone forgotten about the 'other side' of this story - George and his family - and how they are feeling?  Do you really believe he's skipping through the park eating ice cream?  This is devastating to him and his family as well.  The legal experts were 'shocked' that he was charged.  The presecutors are damned if they do,  damed if they don't (ie rioting by idiots) so at least by arresting him they can let themselves off the hook with a "well, we tried..."

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