Student's 'All Cool Girls Are Lesbians' Shirt Was Way Out of Line

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all the cool girls are lesbiansEven in 2012, it's tough for gay kids growing up in America. So I can't imagine why a teenage girl thought wearing a t-shirt to school that proclaimed "All the Cool Girls Are Lesbians" was a good idea. Did she really think bashing her heterosexual classmates was the right way to fight the hate?

The shirt's been the center of a hot debate since a high schooler at Lynn English High School in Massachusetts was asked to turn it inside out because it could be deemed "offensive." I want to say the administrators were right, but with nothing in their dress code ... I sadly have to side with the kid. But that doesn't mean I'd let my kid wear it.

This is one of those tricky "I will defend your right to disagree with me, but I don't have to like it" cases. Because man do I disagree with a kid, any kid, who makes a point to let other kids know she doesn't think they're "cool." To me that's just ... well, uncool!

It's one thing to get past the "hate." I can't wait until we're there, and I'm a bit disappointed that it's 2012, and I sometimes feel like things are about as far along as they were when I was still in high school. But it's quite another thing to hate back. As our parents taught us way back in the olden days, "two wrongs don't make a right."

That's the problem with hating on straight kids. It's just as wrong as bullying a gay kid.

I'm raising a kid in a pro-gay rights household. That means she's learned that gay kids are just like her. They're equal. What doesn't it mean? That gay kids are "cooler" than her any more than it means she's cooler than the gay kids (my kid is 6, I'm assuming she's straight right now because she's kid of boy crazy ... if this changes, I'll still think she is the coolest kid on earth ... but that won't make her "better" than anyone).

Let's put this in any other context, shall we? Would you put your kid in an "All Cool Kids Are White" t-shirt? No. Hmm. How about an "All Cool Kids Are Black" shirt? Not that either, huh? If we want our kids to accept one another, it's up to us to tell them that means everyone, not just the people they like.

What kind of message does this t-shirt send to you?


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zandh... zandhmom2

The message this t-shirt sends me is that it is a choice.  That girls should be lesbians because it's the "cool" or "in" thing to do.

Lizzie Gowers

I'm not offneded by the shirt. It clearly states her opinion and that doesn't bother me. I see the message of the shirt as the girl expressing herself.

nonmember avatar Christine

The t-shirt itself is not offensive at all (pretty cute actually), the polarizing effects and the double-standard are. I agree with the author, if a child showed up to school with a T-Shirt that read "all the cool girls are straight", then it would be a diplomatc nightmare, ending in the child having to apologize and likely endure suspension. Freedom of expression is supposed to work both ways. It does not today, unfortunately.

i.payton i.payton

When I was in high school, a girl wore a shirt (and this ended up being in Newsweek) that said "Be Happy, Not Gay". She was told she could wear a shirt that said "Be Happy, Be Straight", but could not wear the original shirt.

I think this shirt, because it does NOT say, "All lame girls are straight" or "no straight girls are cool", falls under the restricted free speech found in schools. It's all about phrasing.

nonmember avatar qwerty

Wow, is this really your definition of "bashing?" Give me a break! It's funny and tongue-in-cheek.

nonmember avatar Cee

Quick question..are all The Stir writers secretly homophobic?
Just a few weeks ago there was the article about two women being kicked out of a restaurant because they kissed at an anniversary dinner and the writer supported the idea with the disguised excuse of "I hate PDA."
Now if a lesbian wears a shirt like this, probably in jest or probably because she is the minority and needs things like these to tell her its okay to be gay and all of a sudden she hates straights? So is the rainbow flag an insult to straights? Will a kid wearing this shirt scar all the straight girls at her school for life because they are straight?
NO...the majority of the population inside a school and outside of school is straight. They are probably the "cool" ones, the cheerleaders, the leaders of clubs other than the LGBTQ clubs and they probably get to go to dances with their boyfriends and get to kiss their boyfriends without any trouble.
Lesbians and gays do NOT hate on straights. Wearing a shirt like this does NOT mean shes bashing anyone. When gays have shirts, parades, flags and anything else it is more for visibility, for attempting for mainstream a bit and support.
But yes, The keep "supporting" gay rights, just as long as its not visible, right? Because then something about it is insulting.

nonmember avatar Mike M

The message I got from the shirt is one of encouraging us to accept people who are different than the majority through the sharing of different viewpoints. And I do agree that it's similar to the comparisons in your last paragraph so it's a risky shirt to be wearing, but I view the statement on this shirt as an opinion that's meant to encourage people to be willing to broaden the views they hold towards others rather than something that should be taken literally.

mande... manderspanders

A t-shirt like this tells me that homosexuality is both a choice and a fad. And that idea is certainly harmful for those people born gay. The fact that a shirt like this was manufactured at all gives credence to the idea that being gay is both cool and a fad.

Destiny Hall Lewis

Bottom line is that this shirt like TONS of the other crap stooooopppppid parents allow their children to wear these days, to include shorts,or pants with "Juicy", "HOT", etc across their butts, or tshirts reading the same, are not appropaite for children to wear to school.You can also include the the other trashy inappapropiate outfits I see these days. Wear it when you are not on school time, or better yet NOT AT ALL if you are a school age minor. One more reason I am ALL for mandatory school uniforms. School isn't the place for any of it. That shirt like all of the other trash kids wear did exactly what it was designed to do... Bring attention to the person sporting it. Just ridiculous.

nonmember avatar blh

You wouldnt be siding with the kid if she was straight proclaiming only straight girsl are cool.

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